I LOVE shopping in Oslo! :D

So Oslo is the capital in my country, Norway :3 And I love to go there and shop ’till I drop! Oslo got all my favorite stores plus more, including Neo Tokyo and Outland, where they sell manga, anime and japanese stuff

I went there with two of my friends ^^ I bought two mangas, Shugo Chara Vol. 6 and Junjou Romantica Vol. 13, and Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster CD   I was too lazy to take pictures and transfer them to my computer, so I just found pictures on Google :3

Shugo Chara Volume 6                                                 Junjou Romantica Volume 12





Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster Album

So right now I’m listening to the album, and soon I’m going to eat dinner, Sushi ^_^

Me looove sushi ^w^

I still don’t know how to change the layout for my blog (someone please tell me!!!), so for the time being, it will still look dull ._. but I’m going to make the banner I’m going to use, so it’s at least ready 😛

Mata Kitene ^.^


Linkin Park – A thousand suns

On tuesday I finally got to listen to the whole new album from Linkin Park, a thousands suns! I’d read some comments from other fans about it, and they either said it wasn’t good at all or that it was awesome. So I was very excited to see my reaction :3 And I got three words: I LOVE IT! This is the first time I like all the songs from an album from LP! Yes, I like them all, and the coolest is that the whole album/all the songs are crossfaded. Me liiiiiike 😀

The first song I heard was The Catalyst, ’cause the music video was shown on MTV. And I liked it, so I couldn’t wait to listen to the rest 🙂 though this work isn’t classic Linkin Park, I think the songs are awesome! Let’s see, my top 3 would be

1. When they come for me

2. The catalyst

2. The requiem-the radiance

I love this sentence from The Catalyst and The Requiem :

“God save us everyone, will we burn in the fires of a thousand suns?”

So here’s links for downloading and lyrics ^^ I’ll also post the music video for The Catalyst, since it’s the first song I heard from the album.

Linkin Park – The Catalyst Music Video


Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns Album1. The Requiem

2. The Radiance

3. Burning In The Skies

4. Empty Spaces

5. When They Come For Me

6. Robot Boy

7. Jornada Del Muerto

8. Waiting For The End

9. Blackout

10. Wretches And Kings

11. Wisdom, Jusitce and Love

12. Iridescent

13. Fallout

 14. The Catalyst

15. The Messenger


Album Lyrics: http://lyrics.wikia.com/Linkin_Park:A_Thousand_Suns_(2010)

Download Link:

Download Torrent: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5817591/Linkin_Park_-_A_Thousand_Suns_(Full_Album)_2010

(If you have problems with downloading, please tell me)


Please give me feedback of what YOU think of the album 😀

Yui Itsuki is so awesome!

Hii everyone!

I haven’t got to blog all week because I’ve been stucked with homework and schoolstuff XD

But anyways, this may be old news, but I’ve discovered that Yui (vocalist in Yousei Teikoku) is also a seiyu! :O

She’s so cool! I love her tatoo, btw! I want one too :3

She’ve been voicing in many animes already too. Also a video game! And then I also found out that she’s voicing Paula from Kuroshitsuji, my new favorite anime that I’m currently watching

So now I can’t wait to watch Kuroshitsuji later :3  I’m going to watch ep 13 from the first season, btw.

My point is that this proves how awesome Yui is! ^_^ she’s not my favorite vocalist for nothing!

God,my blog still looks so lame,because I haven’t yet discovered how you change color on your blog, how you add an banner OR how you post a profile picture…but I haven’t had time to explore wordpress that much yet. I’ll see if I can find out in the weekend XD

I’m going to bed now (after I’ve watched Kuroshitsuji), so BaiBai!

Mata kitene ^.^

Hello world!

So this is my first post on this blog! *excited*

My blog will be about my life, my interests, anime, manga and my favorite music. Mostly. There will be posts about other random things too XD I will also post my drawings, so I can get some critique.

Soo,right now I’m making this new blog, chatting, and playing farmville on facebook XD (so lame,but yet so funny!)

I’m not the best and not the most active bloger, so please be nice with me ^^ but I’ll get very happy with tips, advices and critiques about my blog.

Mata kitene ^^ (”see you later” on japanese, I think I’m going to say this at the end of my posts)