Yui Itsuki is so awesome!

Hii everyone!

I haven’t got to blog all week because I’ve been stucked with homework and schoolstuff XD

But anyways, this may be old news, but I’ve discovered that Yui (vocalist in Yousei Teikoku) is also a seiyu! :O

She’s so cool! I love her tatoo, btw! I want one too :3

She’ve been voicing in many animes already too. Also a video game! And then I also found out that she’s voicing Paula from Kuroshitsuji, my new favorite anime that I’m currently watching

So now I can’t wait to watch Kuroshitsuji later :3  I’m going to watch ep 13 from the first season, btw.

My point is that this proves how awesome Yui is! ^_^ she’s not my favorite vocalist for nothing!

God,my blog still looks so lame,because I haven’t yet discovered how you change color on your blog, how you add an banner OR how you post a profile picture…but I haven’t had time to explore wordpress that much yet. I’ll see if I can find out in the weekend XD

I’m going to bed now (after I’ve watched Kuroshitsuji), so BaiBai!

Mata kitene ^.^


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