I LOVE shopping in Oslo! :D

So Oslo is the capital in my country, Norway :3 And I love to go there and shop ’till I drop! Oslo got all my favorite stores plus more, including Neo Tokyo and Outland, where they sell manga, anime and japanese stuff

I went there with two of my friends ^^ I bought two mangas, Shugo Chara Vol. 6 and Junjou Romantica Vol. 13, and Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster CD   I was too lazy to take pictures and transfer them to my computer, so I just found pictures on Google :3

Shugo Chara Volume 6                                                 Junjou Romantica Volume 12





Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster Album

So right now I’m listening to the album, and soon I’m going to eat dinner, Sushi ^_^

Me looove sushi ^w^

I still don’t know how to change the layout for my blog (someone please tell me!!!), so for the time being, it will still look dull ._. but I’m going to make the banner I’m going to use, so it’s at least ready 😛

Mata Kitene ^.^


2 thoughts on “I LOVE shopping in Oslo! :D

  1. ailin says:

    piesa sa fie I ‘ D LIKE THE YOU LIE

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