Kuroshitsuji Episode 17

I found this episode quite disturbing, actually. I think I’ve never been so shocked over an anime episode before! But anime has an big influence on me, especially when it’s my new favorite anime! And with my new favorite pairing too! XO Just wait for it…the shock, I mean.

New version of the opening again! This version was also used in the OVA, which I’ve already seen. Very funny OVA, btw! Anyways, since the video started hacking at the opening, I didn’t take snapshots, I’ll just do that on the next episode. But I got a shot of Sebastian and Ciel 😀 such a cool picture!

Okay, I know the title is “offering”, but that doesn’t mean you have to offer *BEEP*! Wait for it…

You don’t fool me! You’re not the Queen’s butler! You’re not a butler at all…I know who you are…

Nyahahahah, so sexy~! Oh, btw, “nyahahah” is my special laughter since I say “nya” all the time x3

Today’s dessert 😀

Of course he had to dress up like the Undertaker…poor guy, he got stucked in a bowl of salt <:O And Grell, don’t you dare touch Sebastian! It’s official now, I DON’T LIKE GRELL! He gives me goosebumps in a bad way! And the thought of Grell with Sebastian…I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT >.<

Sebastian = LOL!

Oy, it’s the same mark as on Ciel’s body :O This is becoming a big mystery…

I know, he’s sexy… ;3

Sebastian, that is waaaay TOO CLOSE! Get away, get away!

Luckily it was just a bug…but still, too close!

Here it comes!: so when I read that line-and saw the house jumping like crazy-, I was thinking: “No way! Masaka, please don’t tell me he’s…!” And Ciel’s acting like a careface! XO baka!

I was right T^T Sebastian, you TRAITOR! Such a bad timing, after I’d read Kuroshitsuji Doujinshi all the week, and am full of SebastianxCiel smex! Then he does this! I’m so dissapointed in you, Sebastian 😦

I’m with you, Grell! *takes me Death Note and writes her name in it* Nyahahahah >:D

I should’ve probably reacted like Grell, but instead I was in shock for, like, 10 minutes or something xD I had to reverse the video from the sex-scene and watch it again since I didn’t pay attention.

For the last time, why can’t people bakc off?! Grell, let go of Sebastian, already! And you ladies, please get your hands off Ciel.

Hihi, who wouldn’t fall for this? 🙂

Smoothly?! Liar! You just wanted to do it, you traitor…

Finally they got some time alone

Such a beautiful mom and such an adorable kid :’) Poor Ciel, I get so sad every time I see flashbacks of his painful past 😥

The Undertaker?! Masaka…right? ‘🙂

I knew it! I knew she was evil! I thought she was suspicious the moment I saw her.

Look how much they’re alike! Same person? Definetely. If not, they’re twins or something like that. I just know they’ve some kind of connection with eachother.


Sebastian, you would’ve done great without Grell. You don’t need him to save Ciel! Okay, maybe he does only right now, so Grell can be in the show, and make funny scenes, drama, and all that stuff -_-

In the end, I’m just very dissapointed in Sebastian, but the plot’s getting more exciting :3 I’ve already downloaded ep 18, so I think I’ll watch it tomorrow ^-^

Mata kitene ^.^


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