Demotivational – Makes my day

So recently I’ve become very hooked up on demotivational pictures xD anime pictures, of course. And since we’re talking about hooked up already, I’m going to post all Kuroshitsuji demotivational pictures I’ve found this week, since I found those ones the most hilarious ^-^

So now, just finding one new demotivational picture can make my day…and it has done it too xD

Hope you’ll enjoy and laugh of them as much as I’ve done ^^ some of them are just epic!

Haha, I just realised a mistake here…it’s supposed to be “you’re” not “your” xD

I had…

Even his jacket don’t like it

Yes, thank you! ^.^

I wish I could go around and say this T.T

My favorite! Seriously, I’m with you, whoever-made-this!

Oh, and remember my last post about episode 17 of Kuroshitsuji? :3 and how I got so angry for what Sebastian did? Look at this:

OWNED! In your face, Sebastian >:D perfect timing that I found this picture now…

Last one, Junjou Romantica vs. Kuroshitsuji!

I didn’t realise until now! Though I’ve just started watching Kuroshitsuji, and thought this moment was so funny in Junjou Romantica xD the most funny is that he’s standing just like Sebastian…

So that’s was the pictures I liked the most :3 if I find more, I’ll post them! Oh, and feel free to take them, they’re not by me anyway…

I’m going to post more demotivational pictures later, and hopefully tomorrow, I’ll have time to post Kuroshitsuji ep 18 😀

Mata kitene ^.^


One thought on “Demotivational – Makes my day

  1. Caleb Dingle says:

    Loved ’em all XD

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