Visiting Senior High School :D

Hello everyone!

So yesterday I visited the senior high school of Mysen, a town close to my town 🙂 The reason for my visit was because my class is graduating next summer, and we have to decide which senior high school and which studyline we’re going to attend. I visited the studyline called Media and Communication. Here you learn about taking and editing photos, editing sound, making photos, and much more! Most of the studies takes place on the computer.

Anyways, yesterday we took photos outside and learned a little about editing them on Photoshop. Finally I’ve learned how to use Photoshop! 😀 I’ve had it installed on my computer for a long time, but I’ve never understood how to use it. Now I can finally make a cool header for my blog :3

Though it was a horrible weather to take photos in (RAIN!), it was fun! My friend, Melise and I took great photos in the rain 😀 with the theme “East”. So I wanted to post a couple of pictures from that fantastic day ^-^

So I found this beautiful graveyard, and I had to take a picture of it. I made the picture in black and white, then I colored only the flowers 🙂  This is the grave of a lady who died recently. -R.I.P-

This is not edited, but I think it was a nice picture of me ^-^ the photographer was also brilliant :3

That was all, I guess. We took many pictures, btw, but I just posted a couple of them xD

No reason why, actually…

Mata kitene ^.^


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