Kuroshitsuji Episode 21

Season 1 is over soon for me T^T
Oh well…

Anyways, this time, the episode was about the servants and how they came into the Phantomhive mansion 😀
It was very relaxing and funny with a filler now ^_^

Plot: Ciel’s servants show off their hidden talents in an effort to cheer up their master and protect the Phantomhive Estate. Within the mansion, Ciel teaches Elizabeth about chess until sundown. The backgrounds of Maylene, Bard, and Finian are revealed in a series of flashbacks. Source: Wikipedia

His Butler: Hires (the translation is wrong)

Guess who? It’s Maylene! I didn’t recognize her until I heard her speak :O

She was supposed to shoot that man, but when she saw that he had a family, she hesitated. Then Sebastian showed up and offered her a job, because she had “good eyes”. Maylene is kinda cool there, don’t you think? With that long hair and dressed in black 😀

Aaaahw, she blushed when she put on the glasses from Ciel 😀 But I wonder if she cutted her hair, because her hair was pretty long, and it got very short when she put them up in pigtails. And suddenly she got bangs…
If someone knows something about it, don’t hesitate with telling me xD

The servants aren’t that useless 😀 they actually could tell that something was bothering Ciel even though he acted the same as always *thumb up*

So they decided to cheer Ciel up! I just love it when Tanaka sits and says “Ho-ho-ho”

Uhm…okay? O.O this isn’t something you see every day…

Sebastian told Ciel a lot of things, and Ciel answered “Ah” to every thing he said, so Sebastian said that to see if Ciel was paying attention(and so he did). It was actually quite funny x3

I don’t understand how Maylene can be capable of killing when she’s this clumsy…


Lizzie came to visit 🙂

Aaahw, Madam Red 😥 I miss her…
Just look how happy they were!

Peeeeeeeace 😀

Oh my god, Lizze, you ruined Ciel’s cardcastle!

I still don’t understand how she can be so good at shooting when she’s so clumsy xD
Oh well, this kind of thing just makes her cool 🙂

So Bard was a soldier :O

Everyone on Bard’s team got killed because there was a trap, and Bard was the only one who survived since he knew that there were a trap. Then Sebastian showed up and offered him a job as a chef at the mansion 🙂

Omg, please, Bard, do never smile again! You look creepy >.<

Poor Finny was a sacrifice for experimentation, and because of that he got amazingly strong! Luckily, he escaped, then Sebastian showed up and offered him a job as a gardener at the mansion 🙂

You guys rock! 😀

I posted this only because I thought it was cool ^-^

Yay, he smiled! 😀

The plan was a success 😀

Wow, there was a lot of pictures from this episode this time O.O

Over to something else, I made a logo xD
I’m going to post it on every post instead of writing “Mata kitene”

I’m not very good at photoshop yet, so it isn’t something special, but it’s cooler with a logo than not having a logo, right? ;D
So here it is ^.^

Kyaaaah, he’s so sexy! and hot! and cute! and perfect!
Oh yeah, btw, Ikuto is my big love 🙂
No kidding, I love him more than anything in the world(note that I say anything, not anyone)


Like a glove! Catglove, that is…

Konbanwa minna~! ^.^

Guess what? I’ve been in Oslo again, this time to visit my oldest Onii-Chan ^-^
I had such a great time!

We ate tacos, saw two movies at home and went to the cinema 😀
We watched a new norwegian movie, Trolljegeren(Ogrehunter)[Google it]

I also got some time to shopping before I went home, so I bought a pair of catpaws! They’re like gloves. I’ve wanted them for a long time, and now they were in the stores again, YAY! *claps*

Aren’t these just adorable? 😀

Lots of love on Neo Tokyo(where I bought them) ❤
So this is my second heaven(it’s bigger than it looks)! They’ve got almost everything that’s japanese: clothes(including cosplay), candies, accessories, music, figures and more 😀


I also bought the 3rd volume of Kuroshitsuji!

That’s it for now~nya ^w^
Tomorrow I’ll post the 21th episode of Kuroshitsuji

Mata Kitene =^.^=

Yousei Teikoku – Still Alive Lyrics

Song: Still Alive

Band: Yousei Teikoku

Single: Rebellion Anthem


Utsuro na hitobitotachi wa
Kagayaku basho de
Shukufuku no mabayuki
Hikari wa abiteita

Kawaita michi wa tsudzuiteiru
Mori no naka ni aru
Subete wo ukeireru
Kuroki yakata he

(I’m still alive) Yukou
(I’m still alive) Hayaku

Hito wa naze onaji hikari ni sugatte
Ayumu no ka
Tadoritsuku basho ni
Naze utagai no me wo
Mukezu ni

Ikite yuku no ka
Kono mama
Ikiteiru no ka
Wakarazu ni

Toguige ni waraiau
Hitobito no koe wa
Mada tooku tooku
Watashi wa chikadzukenai

(I’m still alive) Yukou
(I’m still alive) Hayaku

Tashika na koto wa
Nanimo mienai keredo
Hontou wa
Raku na hou ni susumu michi wo
Erandekita no deshou

Ikite mireba ii
Sono mama
Ikiteitai to
Omou nara

(I’m still alive) Yukou
(I’m still alive) Tomo ni

Motomeru hikari no saki ni wa
Shukufuku nante naku
Jibun de eranda michi dake ga
Kagayaki obiteiru

Ikite yukou ka
Koko kara
Sono hi made

(I’m still alive)
(I’m still alive)




(I’m still alive) ゆこう
(I’m still alive) はやく




(I’m still alive) ゆこう
(I’m still alive) はやく



(I’m still alive) ゆこう
(I’m still alive) ともに



(I’m still alive)
(I’m still alive)

Enjoy Singing~!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Yes, this weekend I watched the new Harry Potter movie 😀 and I LOVED IT!
It’s the best Harry Potter movie of them all, if you ask me ^-^

The acting was perfect, many things happened, and the end made me so excited for the new movie that’s coming next year 😀
Without spoiling more than this, the movie started with sad things, and then I thought “How will this go? 😦“. A lot of sad things happened, and I cried twice!, but that’s what made the movie perfect! And since I haven’t read any of the books, lots of unexpected things happened for me, and that’s a plus *thumb up*


This weekend I visited my Onii-chan Ole(I have two brothers) and his girlfriend, Silje, so the three of us plus Silje’s uncle went to the cinema and watched the movie together ^-^

After that, Silje and I watched the first episode of True Blood since I’ve never seen it 😛 we also watched three more episodes the day after before I went back home to Askim 😀
In case you wonder, my Onii-chan live in another city named Moss, which is actually my hometown. But that doesn’t matter 🙂

I just wanted to simply tell about my weekend and that I loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ^-^

As I said yesterday, I hope you guys also had a nice weekend!

Gotta go~nya!

Ja ne ^w^

Kuroshitsuji Episode 20

Hii everyone! 😀 here’s the Kuroshitsuji episode 20! Wow, I’m almost at the end of season 1 O.O 😥
That’s too bad, I can’t say I’m that excited for the 2nd season, since it’s  most about Alois and Claude. All the other fans says that it sucks too, compared to season 1…oh well, I have to give it a chance 🙂
Gotta start watching it with open arms! Even though I know I’ll be a little dissapointed 😛
But that’s not what this post is about, so here you go:

The plot is really a spoiler, so you may look at the pictures before you read the plot xD

Plot: Sebastian is tortured in the Tower of London by guardsmen and Angela. Ciel continues to pursue Stanley’s case on his own, though Aberline declares his allegiance with Ciel. Ciel frees Sebastian by summoning him through their contract, and together they manage to get onto Lau’s junk. Sebastian duels against Ranmao as Ciel confronts Lau, who turns his dao on Ciel. Aberline intercepts in time to take a fatal blow for Ciel and subsequently dies from the wound before Ciel’s eyes. Sebastian strikes a blow at Lau to prevent him from continuing to fight, and escapes from the sinking junk with his master. Source: Wikipedia

His Butler: Escape

Aaaaahw, it’s Lau and Ranmao as kids :’D but does that mean Ranmao has been at Lau’s side their whole life?
Hm…that’s pretty amazing

So the policeman said that Sebastian should be honest with them, and then he said this. I couldn’t stop laughing xD
Sebastian, you’re just too awesome :’D omg, maybe he actually did spread the Black Death OoO that would just be too awesome…

So this is the man who’s going to torture Sebastian? YIIIIIIIIIIKES! Poor Sebastian! Stay away, you nasty dwarf! *takes Sebastian and hides him behind my back*

Haha, Ciel mistook Sebastian for Aberline! When Aberline came with tea for him, he thought it was Sebastian. But that’s also sooooo cute 😀 I bet it’s because Ciel missed him :3

I posted this because Ranmao is so pretty ^_^ and because I liked the way she said “Usotsuki” (liar) to Lau

There’s something with the anime world and scenes like this…children seeing their parents dead in a bloodbath.
But still, poor Aberline 😦

So now suddenly Angela comes to torture him! In a kind of “sexy” dress…
I don’t know how to handle this torture thing, because, I found it really hot! (I dribbled, for God’s sake) but still, it’s not a nice thing, being tortured :/ but since Sebastian is a demon, I think he enjoyed it O.o

See, he’s all beaten up! But he smiles…and he’s sexy…gaaah, I’m all mixed up D:

KYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAH! Why the hell is this not an yaoi?! Then everything would be perfect! But, the fact that this is not an yaoi makes things like this hotter :3

Just a couple of pictures of Sebastian being tortured in case you wanted to see ;P

You know why Ciel owns? Because he’s a 12-years old boy who can kick everybody else’s ass! Without hesitating 🙂 Okay, I know that’s waay off the topic, but still… Ciel, you’re so cool! ^w^

Because he doesn’t need anyone’s help, duh!

So, yeah, Ciel got a little shocked because Aberlin wanted to be his ally…

Again, this is why Ciel owns!

Yeeeeey 😀 *claps*

So Ciel didn’t want to become Aberline’s ally…nyaha :3

That would be awesome if it was in 3D!

As if! Even though we’re talking about Sebastian Michaelis, that’s still not possible xD the only thing I can say here is LOL

Lau, keep your eyes shut! Usally you’re very cool when you open them, but here you’re just creepy o.o’

So Ranmao’s a human? :O I don’t know what I thought she was, but at least not a human…since she’s so good at fighting and stuff…

Of course he had to do that! Baka! (Ciel and Sebastian called him that too) did you forgot that you’re having a lady waiting for you home with a baby in her stomach?! It’s not like that I wanted Lau to hit Ciel, but Aberline didn’t had to do that, he could’ve just pulled Lau away or something

That’s right, you’re in the way…


Aaahw, Ranmao’s face That’s unfair! Why did he have to die? Okay, I know why, but you could’ve put him in jail or something instead. Then he’s at least alive!

I dont’t mean to ruin the mood(because this was really sad), but where the hell is the whole in his stomach from the sword?

Omg, he slapped Sebastian!

Omg, he slapped him twice!

So then again, just like last time, I posted a bunch of random pictures(but I posted many!)…even though this was a big episode. Lots of things happened.

R.I.P Lau and Ranmao <‘3

R.I.P Fred Aberline

That’s it~!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, I had ^.^
I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow 😉

Now it’s time for bed for me,so Oyasumi and Ja Ne ^.^

Kuroshitsuji Episode 19

Finally I got to post this, which was supposed to be posted in the weekend xD
Oh well, enjoy! 😀

Plot: The body of John Stanley, a man who worked under the Queen, is found murdered in the River Thames. The Queen orders Ciel to retrieve an item from Stanley’s body. Ciel goes to Lau, who controls the area where Stanley’s body was discovered, for information. Lau does not recognize the name, but mentions a new drug, Lady Blanc, the name of which reminds Ciel of Angela. A large amount of the illicit drug is later found in one of Ciel’s warehouses. Lau and Ciel are charged with drug trafficking, but Lau escapes. Ciel is separated from Sebastian, who is taken to the Tower. It is revealed that orders for the arrest were given by the Queen through her butler, Ash, with the drugs planted as a pretext. Source: Wikipedia

His Butler: Imprisonment

Angela, just what the hell are you doing there! GET OUT! (Okay, I know that it haven’t been officially that this is Angela, but it’s so obvious! You can even see it in the opening…)

Haha, that’s so Lau! Lucky guy…I guess? I like him better with only Ranmao ^^

So he’s a mafia, huh? Somehow, I found that so cool 😀

Aaahw, he’s going to be a dad :’D and he’s getting married too ^^ good for you!

So for some reason Pluto suddenly “attacked” Maylin O.o

Hahaha, puberty xD Where did you get that from, Bard?
No, it’s not puberty, it’s because Maylin had drugs on her.

Oh my God! Scaryyyyyyy! O.O

Give me a D, give me a R, give me an U, give me a G, give a S! What’s that? DRUGS 😀 *claps*

Epic faces

How dare you! No one, I repeat, NO ONE is allowed to arrest Ciel Phantomhive!

What are you, a pedophile? O.o


And just what/who is Angela clinging on? o.o

Seriously, every time he says that, I shiver and get goosebumps! It’s the best sentence in the anime world!
Also, look at that sexy glance *Q*

So you think you can torture a demon? good luck!
So Ciel ordered Sebastian to “wait” until Ciel calls him, after he have found out more about the case. Which means, we get to see tortured Sebastian… OwO
Guess who can’t wait for that?

Though it happend a lot in this episode, and there was an interesting plot, I only snapshoted random pictures D: 
 Everything else was just a lot of talk about the drugs and all that, and that’s kinda not funny to post xD

Well, in the weekend I’ll post episode 20 😀

Mata Kitene ^.^

Shopping in Oslo! -again

Yes, I’ve been in the great capital of Norway, Oslo, again xD On Thursday my class went to Oslo because we were visiting the magazine Aftenposten to learn about the life of a journalist. It was very fun,actually! 😀 We got to play a game were we pretended that we were journalists. And after that, we got to go around in the city shopping ^-^

After that I met my aunties, then we went to a resturant and ate sushi 😀 I also got to taste miso soup for the first time, and I liked it ^^,

I love days like these! Go to my favorite city with the best class in the universe, visit all my favorite stores, buy lots of things I love, eat everything I want and go crazy all day!  

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos(because I was busy having fun), but I’ve taken pictures of what I bought 😀

I found a Kuroshitsuji t-shirt! And it’s so cool too 😀

I also bought a new headband(with a ribbon) because I needed one 🙂

And of course I bought Pocky! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a candy from Japan(very popular in Japan). It’s biscuit sticks covered with chocolate or strawberry, or vanilla or other tastes. Those three are most popular, chocolate the most, and I think it’s the yummiest too ^.^

And I bought theeeeeeese. Cool, right? ;D I actually have three reasons why I bought them: 1. the skulls are the same as on one of my ties. 2. I love skulls. 3. they’re awesome! There you go ^.^

Nyahahahah, I finally bought the two first volumes of Kuroshitsuji ^_^ I’ve already read the first one, I’m going to start reading number two tomorrow or something. I’m never rushing in reading mangas when I’ve bought them, because it’s always so long time between each time I buy them. So I’m kinda “saving them” xD

And one thing, I know my posts contains norwegian stuff that may sound greek to you, and I don’t want to ruin my posts with explaining what everything is, so I have one advice for you: GOOGLE IT! If there’s something you want to know more about, google is your friend 🙂 You can also just ask me in a comment, I would love to help. And if I don’t know how to explain properly in english, I will just tell you to google it 😉

Seriously, I didn’t know my life would be this busy! After I started in 10th grade, my life’s become so busy that I never get to do almost anything anymore on the computer, including bloging! I didn’t even had time on Thursday to blog about this, and now it’s Sunday! Oh well…I got to blog about it in the end 🙂 but sadly, I haven’t had the chance to post a Kuroshitsuji episode this weekend T.T but I know I got time either tomorrow or on Wednesday 🙂 I promise I’ll post it before Friday!

That’s it, done! ^-^  Hope everyone had a great weekend, I had certainly 😀

Mata Kitene ^.^