Shopping in Oslo! -again

Yes, I’ve been in the great capital of Norway, Oslo, again xD On Thursday my class went to Oslo because we were visiting the magazine Aftenposten to learn about the life of a journalist. It was very fun,actually! 😀 We got to play a game were we pretended that we were journalists. And after that, we got to go around in the city shopping ^-^

After that I met my aunties, then we went to a resturant and ate sushi 😀 I also got to taste miso soup for the first time, and I liked it ^^,

I love days like these! Go to my favorite city with the best class in the universe, visit all my favorite stores, buy lots of things I love, eat everything I want and go crazy all day!  

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos(because I was busy having fun), but I’ve taken pictures of what I bought 😀

I found a Kuroshitsuji t-shirt! And it’s so cool too 😀

I also bought a new headband(with a ribbon) because I needed one 🙂

And of course I bought Pocky! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a candy from Japan(very popular in Japan). It’s biscuit sticks covered with chocolate or strawberry, or vanilla or other tastes. Those three are most popular, chocolate the most, and I think it’s the yummiest too ^.^

And I bought theeeeeeese. Cool, right? ;D I actually have three reasons why I bought them: 1. the skulls are the same as on one of my ties. 2. I love skulls. 3. they’re awesome! There you go ^.^

Nyahahahah, I finally bought the two first volumes of Kuroshitsuji ^_^ I’ve already read the first one, I’m going to start reading number two tomorrow or something. I’m never rushing in reading mangas when I’ve bought them, because it’s always so long time between each time I buy them. So I’m kinda “saving them” xD

And one thing, I know my posts contains norwegian stuff that may sound greek to you, and I don’t want to ruin my posts with explaining what everything is, so I have one advice for you: GOOGLE IT! If there’s something you want to know more about, google is your friend 🙂 You can also just ask me in a comment, I would love to help. And if I don’t know how to explain properly in english, I will just tell you to google it 😉

Seriously, I didn’t know my life would be this busy! After I started in 10th grade, my life’s become so busy that I never get to do almost anything anymore on the computer, including bloging! I didn’t even had time on Thursday to blog about this, and now it’s Sunday! Oh well…I got to blog about it in the end 🙂 but sadly, I haven’t had the chance to post a Kuroshitsuji episode this weekend T.T but I know I got time either tomorrow or on Wednesday 🙂 I promise I’ll post it before Friday!

That’s it, done! ^-^  Hope everyone had a great weekend, I had certainly 😀

Mata Kitene ^.^


One thought on “Shopping in Oslo! -again

  1. Mona says:

    Love it, baby!

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