Kuroshitsuji Episode 19

Finally I got to post this, which was supposed to be posted in the weekend xD
Oh well, enjoy! 😀

Plot: The body of John Stanley, a man who worked under the Queen, is found murdered in the River Thames. The Queen orders Ciel to retrieve an item from Stanley’s body. Ciel goes to Lau, who controls the area where Stanley’s body was discovered, for information. Lau does not recognize the name, but mentions a new drug, Lady Blanc, the name of which reminds Ciel of Angela. A large amount of the illicit drug is later found in one of Ciel’s warehouses. Lau and Ciel are charged with drug trafficking, but Lau escapes. Ciel is separated from Sebastian, who is taken to the Tower. It is revealed that orders for the arrest were given by the Queen through her butler, Ash, with the drugs planted as a pretext. Source: Wikipedia

His Butler: Imprisonment

Angela, just what the hell are you doing there! GET OUT! (Okay, I know that it haven’t been officially that this is Angela, but it’s so obvious! You can even see it in the opening…)

Haha, that’s so Lau! Lucky guy…I guess? I like him better with only Ranmao ^^

So he’s a mafia, huh? Somehow, I found that so cool 😀

Aaahw, he’s going to be a dad :’D and he’s getting married too ^^ good for you!

So for some reason Pluto suddenly “attacked” Maylin O.o

Hahaha, puberty xD Where did you get that from, Bard?
No, it’s not puberty, it’s because Maylin had drugs on her.

Oh my God! Scaryyyyyyy! O.O

Give me a D, give me a R, give me an U, give me a G, give a S! What’s that? DRUGS 😀 *claps*

Epic faces

How dare you! No one, I repeat, NO ONE is allowed to arrest Ciel Phantomhive!

What are you, a pedophile? O.o


And just what/who is Angela clinging on? o.o

Seriously, every time he says that, I shiver and get goosebumps! It’s the best sentence in the anime world!
Also, look at that sexy glance *Q*

So you think you can torture a demon? good luck!
So Ciel ordered Sebastian to “wait” until Ciel calls him, after he have found out more about the case. Which means, we get to see tortured Sebastian… OwO
Guess who can’t wait for that?

Though it happend a lot in this episode, and there was an interesting plot, I only snapshoted random pictures D: 
 Everything else was just a lot of talk about the drugs and all that, and that’s kinda not funny to post xD

Well, in the weekend I’ll post episode 20 😀

Mata Kitene ^.^


2 thoughts on “Kuroshitsuji Episode 19

  1. Daisy-Mae... Michaelis...he he he says:

    BWAA HA HA HA HAAA!!!! Funniest thing EVER the one with Lau with his… scantily clad women shall we say made me laugh sooo hard. Round of applause to you, can’t wait for more!!!! …puberty… *snigger*

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