Kuroshitsuji Episode 20

Hii everyone! 😀 here’s the Kuroshitsuji episode 20! Wow, I’m almost at the end of season 1 O.O 😥
That’s too bad, I can’t say I’m that excited for the 2nd season, since it’s  most about Alois and Claude. All the other fans says that it sucks too, compared to season 1…oh well, I have to give it a chance 🙂
Gotta start watching it with open arms! Even though I know I’ll be a little dissapointed 😛
But that’s not what this post is about, so here you go:

The plot is really a spoiler, so you may look at the pictures before you read the plot xD

Plot: Sebastian is tortured in the Tower of London by guardsmen and Angela. Ciel continues to pursue Stanley’s case on his own, though Aberline declares his allegiance with Ciel. Ciel frees Sebastian by summoning him through their contract, and together they manage to get onto Lau’s junk. Sebastian duels against Ranmao as Ciel confronts Lau, who turns his dao on Ciel. Aberline intercepts in time to take a fatal blow for Ciel and subsequently dies from the wound before Ciel’s eyes. Sebastian strikes a blow at Lau to prevent him from continuing to fight, and escapes from the sinking junk with his master. Source: Wikipedia

His Butler: Escape

Aaaaahw, it’s Lau and Ranmao as kids :’D but does that mean Ranmao has been at Lau’s side their whole life?
Hm…that’s pretty amazing

So the policeman said that Sebastian should be honest with them, and then he said this. I couldn’t stop laughing xD
Sebastian, you’re just too awesome :’D omg, maybe he actually did spread the Black Death OoO that would just be too awesome…

So this is the man who’s going to torture Sebastian? YIIIIIIIIIIKES! Poor Sebastian! Stay away, you nasty dwarf! *takes Sebastian and hides him behind my back*

Haha, Ciel mistook Sebastian for Aberline! When Aberline came with tea for him, he thought it was Sebastian. But that’s also sooooo cute 😀 I bet it’s because Ciel missed him :3

I posted this because Ranmao is so pretty ^_^ and because I liked the way she said “Usotsuki” (liar) to Lau

There’s something with the anime world and scenes like this…children seeing their parents dead in a bloodbath.
But still, poor Aberline 😦

So now suddenly Angela comes to torture him! In a kind of “sexy” dress…
I don’t know how to handle this torture thing, because, I found it really hot! (I dribbled, for God’s sake) but still, it’s not a nice thing, being tortured :/ but since Sebastian is a demon, I think he enjoyed it O.o

See, he’s all beaten up! But he smiles…and he’s sexy…gaaah, I’m all mixed up D:

KYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAH! Why the hell is this not an yaoi?! Then everything would be perfect! But, the fact that this is not an yaoi makes things like this hotter :3

Just a couple of pictures of Sebastian being tortured in case you wanted to see ;P

You know why Ciel owns? Because he’s a 12-years old boy who can kick everybody else’s ass! Without hesitating 🙂 Okay, I know that’s waay off the topic, but still… Ciel, you’re so cool! ^w^

Because he doesn’t need anyone’s help, duh!

So, yeah, Ciel got a little shocked because Aberlin wanted to be his ally…

Again, this is why Ciel owns!

Yeeeeey 😀 *claps*

So Ciel didn’t want to become Aberline’s ally…nyaha :3

That would be awesome if it was in 3D!

As if! Even though we’re talking about Sebastian Michaelis, that’s still not possible xD the only thing I can say here is LOL

Lau, keep your eyes shut! Usally you’re very cool when you open them, but here you’re just creepy o.o’

So Ranmao’s a human? :O I don’t know what I thought she was, but at least not a human…since she’s so good at fighting and stuff…

Of course he had to do that! Baka! (Ciel and Sebastian called him that too) did you forgot that you’re having a lady waiting for you home with a baby in her stomach?! It’s not like that I wanted Lau to hit Ciel, but Aberline didn’t had to do that, he could’ve just pulled Lau away or something

That’s right, you’re in the way…


Aaahw, Ranmao’s face That’s unfair! Why did he have to die? Okay, I know why, but you could’ve put him in jail or something instead. Then he’s at least alive!

I dont’t mean to ruin the mood(because this was really sad), but where the hell is the whole in his stomach from the sword?

Omg, he slapped Sebastian!

Omg, he slapped him twice!

So then again, just like last time, I posted a bunch of random pictures(but I posted many!)…even though this was a big episode. Lots of things happened.

R.I.P Lau and Ranmao <‘3

R.I.P Fred Aberline

That’s it~!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, I had ^.^
I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow 😉

Now it’s time for bed for me,so Oyasumi and Ja Ne ^.^


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