Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Yes, this weekend I watched the new Harry Potter movie 😀 and I LOVED IT!
It’s the best Harry Potter movie of them all, if you ask me ^-^

The acting was perfect, many things happened, and the end made me so excited for the new movie that’s coming next year 😀
Without spoiling more than this, the movie started with sad things, and then I thought “How will this go? 😦“. A lot of sad things happened, and I cried twice!, but that’s what made the movie perfect! And since I haven’t read any of the books, lots of unexpected things happened for me, and that’s a plus *thumb up*


This weekend I visited my Onii-chan Ole(I have two brothers) and his girlfriend, Silje, so the three of us plus Silje’s uncle went to the cinema and watched the movie together ^-^

After that, Silje and I watched the first episode of True Blood since I’ve never seen it 😛 we also watched three more episodes the day after before I went back home to Askim 😀
In case you wonder, my Onii-chan live in another city named Moss, which is actually my hometown. But that doesn’t matter 🙂

I just wanted to simply tell about my weekend and that I loved Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ^-^

As I said yesterday, I hope you guys also had a nice weekend!

Gotta go~nya!

Ja ne ^w^


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