Like a glove! Catglove, that is…

Konbanwa minna~! ^.^

Guess what? I’ve been in Oslo again, this time to visit my oldest Onii-Chan ^-^
I had such a great time!

We ate tacos, saw two movies at home and went to the cinema 😀
We watched a new norwegian movie, Trolljegeren(Ogrehunter)[Google it]

I also got some time to shopping before I went home, so I bought a pair of catpaws! They’re like gloves. I’ve wanted them for a long time, and now they were in the stores again, YAY! *claps*

Aren’t these just adorable? 😀

Lots of love on Neo Tokyo(where I bought them) ❤
So this is my second heaven(it’s bigger than it looks)! They’ve got almost everything that’s japanese: clothes(including cosplay), candies, accessories, music, figures and more 😀


I also bought the 3rd volume of Kuroshitsuji!

That’s it for now~nya ^w^
Tomorrow I’ll post the 21th episode of Kuroshitsuji

Mata Kitene =^.^=


2 thoughts on “Like a glove! Catglove, that is…

  1. Caleb Dingle says:

    Because 21th is totally a word ;D

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