Merri Kurisumasu ^.^

Wow, Christmas is almost over, and a new year is about to begin!

So far, I’ve had a wonderful holiday(and there’s still 5 days left before it’s over) ^^,
I’ve relaxed a lot, eaten lots of good food and lots of candies ❤
I’ve got many great gifts, most things I wished for 😀

And I hope everyone else out there also have had a great Christmas! I hope you will enjoy what’s left of it, and get ready for a new year ^.^
So here’s some Christmas pictures from some of my favorite anime and manga, I hope those will keep you in a Christmas Spirit a little longer:


Merri Kurisumasu from Shugo Chara!

Merri Kurisumasu from Inuyasha!

Merri Kurisumasu from Okane Ga Nai and Junjou Romantica, my two absolute favorite yaois!(Sorry, I couldn’t find a christmas-like picture of Egoist. Not that I searched everywhere)

Merri Kurisumasu from Kuroshitsuji!

And last, but definetely not least;

Merry Christmas from Kakashi, the most epic ninja ever!


Kuroshitsuji Episode 23

Yey, I got time to post the 23rd episode 😀
I’ve already started watching the second season since I got so curious on the continuation, I’m already at the 6th episode. Season 2 isn’t so bad as I thought it would be(yet), but I’ll talk about that later 😛
The penultimate episode, huh…what a journey Kuroshitsuji has been. A fast journey, though, since I’ve watched a new episode almost every day 😛
Enough about that, here you go:

Plot: The Phantomhive mansion is burnt to the ground and Tanaka is seen writing in his diary alone in the debris. Ciel stows away in the cargo hold of a London-bound steamship, where he meets the Undertaker, who informs Ciel that he is about to die. The great fire in London has taken many lives yet it remains unabated, turning the once-beautiful city into Hell on Earth. Ciel wanders through the streets and eventually finds his servants trying to tranquilize a rampaging Pluto. He comes to a decision about his existence and gives the servants the order to kill Pluto. Ciel then makes his way to Windsor Castle, where he discovers Queen Victoria dead. The palace guards believe that Ciel murdered the Queen and shoot him. When the guards try to shoot him again, Sebastian appears and saves Ciel. The pair takes off toward the heart of London. Source: Wikipedia

His Butler: On Fire

Undertaker 😀 Haha, look at Ciel’s face

Yummy, dog food…

Uhm, Ciel, why does that shock you?
Have you forgotten that you’ve signed a contract with a demon, who will take your soul soon?

That’s just creepy O.o
Seems like Angela has a thing for mixing two bodies together, just like with Ciel’s parents too…

That too, seriously creepy >.<

After watching Kuroshitsuji, I’ve got a little hooked on singing the song she’s singing here xD
I sing either “London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down x2. My fair lady.” or the same in japanese(I don’t know how to write what she says, I just remember how to say it). Sometimes I replace London Bridge with names or items. It’s actually a little funny to sit by yourself and sing about things or persons falling down xD
And just like in the anime, I sing it slower than normal, and with a hoarse voice, so it sound a little creepy :3

Haha, suddenly, Ciel started laughing by himself xD
I started to laugh too, because it was so funny to listen to him, though the laughter was a little cute 🙂

I may be the only one, but I thought his face here was funny…in the next episode, he makes a lot of hilarious faces.I wonder what the drawers were thinking, making him look like a clown xD
They were probably laughing too

Pluto really did lose himself…he’s scary 😦

Aaahw, minna-san :’D
Oh, it’s Finny who said that, btw

Sebastian, how can you say that?! What’s up with you acting so bitchy againt Ciel? >:/
If you mean that you don’t have a master to follow because he’s not with you, I have to remind you that you’re the one who left him! I know, that’s not what he means, but what does he mean by that? 😦

Again, funny face. And no thank you! Even Sebastian thinks it sounds disgusting to become one with Angela ^^

I just love when Sebastian gets shocked, because that’s so out of his character xD
Well, for some reason, he got a little suprised when Ciel asked the servants if they had real bullets so they could shoot Pluto

And they did have real bullets, so they had to shoot him. Ciel told them that Pluto had lost himself and couldn’t turn back to what he was, so they had to kill him…
It is sad, but I never really cared so much about that dog in the first place, so I’m not that sad. I thought it was a little funny when they took him in to the mansion since Sebastian hates dogs, and there were some funny moments with Pluto 🙂

Kyaaaaaaaah, that’s the way, Ciel! *makes a fangirl-face* (there’s really no emoticon that describes a fangirl-face)

Oh!my!god! how dare you shoot Ciel?!

That’s right, stop joking, SE-BAS-TIAN! Please get the hell away from that weirdo of an angel and go to Ciel, you’re so damn slow!

Ciel’s blood patterned to the sign of the contract and the it started to glow…fancy ;O


Sebastian sent the bullets back at them, as always…
I actually didn’t notice that one guy survived until I watched the episode for a second time xD


And the episode ends with the epic sentence of Kuroshitsuji ^^

So finally Sebastian’s back. I’ll post the next episode as fast as I can! ^^’

Aaahw, Christmas Eve is over 😥
Oh well, it’s been a great day and I hope everyone else have enjoyed it too!
Merry Christmas, everyone

I haven’t posted anything for a week! T^T
That’s because I’ve been busy with shopping christmas gifts and finsihing some big projects at school 🙂 Seriously, we(my class) have had only lots of big projects the whole time since we started in August! But now it’s over, it’s only two days left of this semester, tomorrow and Tuesday 😀
Then it’s only three days left until Christmas Eve! Yes, we norwegians celebrate the 24th December 😉

Tomorrow night it’s the christmas-prom at our school, I’m so excited 😀
And on Tuesday, we’re going to the church(as always), and when we’re done there, it’s vacation! Yeeey ^-^

Btw, on the radio here one day, they asked: “If the world’s going under tomorrow, which christmas-song would you save?” (that’s one of the most random questions I’ve ever heard, but oh well..)
I would’ve saved two, actually 🙂
The first is “En stjerne skinner i natt”(A star shines tonight), a norwegian christmas-song and “Happy Xmas”, an insert song from Shugo Chara Doki!(ep 63) sung by Kanae Ito, the seiyuu of Amu ^^ (I LOVE her voice)
Those two are my absolute favorite christmas-songs, and they really get me in the Christmas spirit!
So I thought I should post them ~^-^~ 

Here you go:

I posted this video because it got so many cute pictures from Shugo Chara in it 😀
The cute picture of almost all the charas at 1:23 is my background on my computer.

Here’s the norwegian one:

En Stjerne Skinner I Natt(A star shines tonight) sung by Røde Kors Ungdom(Youth for Red Cross)!
I found this version today, actually, even though I knew this version existed already xD I had just forgotten.
But I’d never heard it before, until today, and I love it! They all got beaufitul voices! And they even added a rap in it(in the original version, there’s no rap), and it was good 😀
I’m actually supporting Youth for Red Cross, and they’re working very hard for the children out there whose life is hard!
Oh, and if you liked this song, you can support them by buying the song on iTunes ^^
I don’t know if it’s aviable in other countries than Norway, but it’s worth a try, right? ;D

Also, I made it snow on my blog!
It’s so cute! ^-^
You want to make it snow on your wordpress blog too?

1. Go to your dashboard
2. Go to Appearance and choose Extra
3. Mark the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog”
4. Click the “Update Extras” button

Ta-daaa 😀

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to post a new Kuroshitsuji episode this weekend, because I haven’t had any time T^T
But I’ll do as soon as I’m free, and I’ll get more free time when the vacation comes, so then I can post more often.

Well, I gotta go to bed now, it’s late, and it’s school tomorrow. Though it’s only for three hours and not six, because it’s prom tomorrow 🙂

I’ve only one last thing I want to say: Which christmas-song would you save if the world’s going under tomorrow? 🙂

Kuroshitsuji Episode 22

Finally, here it is! Can’t belive that I got such a busy life that I didn’t even have had time to post this! I’ve actually watched ep 23 and 24 too, maybe I get to post ep 23 too this weekend 😀

This episode was exciting! There’s something that really shocked me… O.O
Just wait and see…

Plot: Ciel and Sebastian head off to the Exposition Universelle in Paris to meet Queen Victoria and become wrapped up in the festivities of the Expo. A taxidermy monkey suddenly springs to life and destroys the lighting equipment, so Sebastian makes Ciel escape ahead to an elevator in the Eiffel Tower. Inside he finds Queen Victoria waiting for him. The two arrive at the top of the tower, where the Queen reveals that Ash granted her youth. Sebastian and Ash engage in a duel, raining debris down onto people below, so Ciel calls Sebastian off to prevent hurting them, which angers Sebastian. The next morning Ciel realizes that Sebastian has left him alone at the hotel and is non-responsive to his summoning(that shocked me!), so Ciel attempts to make his way back to London on his own. He barely makes it to the port, where he spends the night sleeping cold and hungry on the docks. Meanwhile at the Phantomhive Estate, Ash takes control of Pluto and sets the property around the mansion on fire. Source: Wikipedia

His Butler: Gone

Ahw, that sounds cosy ^.^

Gosh, look at that ugly thing O.o

Didn’t post this for a special reason, just thought what Sebastian said was very fascinating ^^’

I see…okay, let’s go and destroy everything, shall we? 😀

Ta-daa, it’s the Queen! A little young, don’t you think? That’s Angela’s fault…

Fresh grass?? O.o

Hahaha, owned!

Ciel told Sebastian to stop attacking Angela because he was afraid for hurting the people on the ground…
And by the way, where does Sebastian get all that silverware from?!

Haha, Sebastian’s shocked face! xD
Seriously, why did he get that shocked over that Ciel wanted him to stop? He’s overreacting a liiitle bit O_o

And Sebastian certainly got angry at Ciel for it, so then Ciel made a shocked face O.O
But Ciel said “As if something as a soul could exist. Such nonsense.” so maybe he got angry because of that…

“May you forget everything and have a happy dream.”
If that hadn’t been the same as a goodbye, I would have thought it was pretty cute ^.^
But he had to leave Ciel all alone! Seriously, I got so pissed off by that. I actually hated Sebastian a little for that!

Omg, Ciel can’t dress himself! That’s so lame! xD
You’re 12, Ciel!

Poor Ciel, he’s all by himself at the street 😦
The worst is that he realises that he’s almost nothing without Sebastian…

Ciel, it’s a cat!
Really, he is useless without Sebastian… >.>
But it’s not just an ordinary cat, you see

Sebastian, how dare you transform into a cat, annoy Ciel, and then just watch him as he sleeps on the street!

Noooooo! The Phantomhive Mansion is burning!
Curse you, Angela, for turning Pluto into a beast and make him blow fire on the mansion!

See? Poor Pluto 😦

Oh, that’s it 😮
Again, just random shots from a good episode. There you got me ^^’

Well, ep 23 and 24 are awesome, so I’m looking forward to post them ^-^
Prepare for maaany pictures then…

Yes, that was it, I’m actually going to bed now.

Oyasumiiiii ^.^ 
(Cute, right? 😀)


Random things I’ve bought this weekend ^^

Chiiiiiiiiiiiitsu ^.^

The weekend’s over, a new one begins *sigh*
I can’t belive how busy my life have become :O Neither did I got to post this yesterday or post a Kuroshitsuji episode this weekend >.< I will do that tomorrow,though

I’ve had a very nice weekend 😀
I’ve been visiting my dad, I had lots of fun ^^
On Sunday, I went to Sweden(Norway’s neighbour) with my stephmother, my two stephsisters and the boyfriend to the youngest one. So I wanted to post what I bought:

Look at this cute porcelain-cupcake 😀 with a strawberry on the top!

I also bought this cute Japanese doll(can’t remember the name of it right now) ^^

And I bought Eclipse ❤
I just gotta say, I’m a huge fan of the books, though I also like the movies. Except New Moon, that sucked so hard -.-
But Eclipse is my favorite movie of them all, it owns the other two! Just so you know 🙂

And look what I’ve got from Japan:

Gothic Lolita Doctrine from Yousei Teikoku! The real thing! Seriously, this is one of my dearest ownings right now…

Have you guys also noticed that it’s snowing on WordPress’ homepage? 😀
It’s so cute!

That’s all I wanted to say, actually. I hope everyone has had a nice weekend ^^

I’ll post ep 23 from Kuroshitsuji tomorrow, and I’ll probably watch ep 24 later today. I can’t wait!