I haven’t posted anything for a week! T^T
That’s because I’ve been busy with shopping christmas gifts and finsihing some big projects at school 🙂 Seriously, we(my class) have had only lots of big projects the whole time since we started in August! But now it’s over, it’s only two days left of this semester, tomorrow and Tuesday 😀
Then it’s only three days left until Christmas Eve! Yes, we norwegians celebrate the 24th December 😉

Tomorrow night it’s the christmas-prom at our school, I’m so excited 😀
And on Tuesday, we’re going to the church(as always), and when we’re done there, it’s vacation! Yeeey ^-^

Btw, on the radio here one day, they asked: “If the world’s going under tomorrow, which christmas-song would you save?” (that’s one of the most random questions I’ve ever heard, but oh well..)
I would’ve saved two, actually 🙂
The first is “En stjerne skinner i natt”(A star shines tonight), a norwegian christmas-song and “Happy Xmas”, an insert song from Shugo Chara Doki!(ep 63) sung by Kanae Ito, the seiyuu of Amu ^^ (I LOVE her voice)
Those two are my absolute favorite christmas-songs, and they really get me in the Christmas spirit!
So I thought I should post them ~^-^~ 

Here you go:

I posted this video because it got so many cute pictures from Shugo Chara in it 😀
The cute picture of almost all the charas at 1:23 is my background on my computer.

Here’s the norwegian one:

En Stjerne Skinner I Natt(A star shines tonight) sung by Røde Kors Ungdom(Youth for Red Cross)!
I found this version today, actually, even though I knew this version existed already xD I had just forgotten.
But I’d never heard it before, until today, and I love it! They all got beaufitul voices! And they even added a rap in it(in the original version, there’s no rap), and it was good 😀
I’m actually supporting Youth for Red Cross, and they’re working very hard for the children out there whose life is hard!
Oh, and if you liked this song, you can support them by buying the song on iTunes ^^
I don’t know if it’s aviable in other countries than Norway, but it’s worth a try, right? ;D

Also, I made it snow on my blog!
It’s so cute! ^-^
You want to make it snow on your wordpress blog too?

1. Go to your dashboard
2. Go to Appearance and choose Extra
3. Mark the box next to “Show falling snow on this blog”
4. Click the “Update Extras” button

Ta-daaa 😀

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to post a new Kuroshitsuji episode this weekend, because I haven’t had any time T^T
But I’ll do as soon as I’m free, and I’ll get more free time when the vacation comes, so then I can post more often.

Well, I gotta go to bed now, it’s late, and it’s school tomorrow. Though it’s only for three hours and not six, because it’s prom tomorrow 🙂

I’ve only one last thing I want to say: Which christmas-song would you save if the world’s going under tomorrow? 🙂


2 thoughts on “

  1. renxkyoko says:

    The Christmas song sounds cute, although I didn’t understand it, lol
    Greetings from California, USA… renxkyoko here, manga reader. lol

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