Pancake day

Hisashiburi da ne~ ^o^

Well, it is the international women’s day today, but besides that, there’s also the pancake day today 😀
So yesterday I was like:”Grandma, we have to eat pancakes tomorrow!”
Me:”Because it’s the pancake day tomorrow :D”

So we ate pancakes today ^_^ yummy~
So I’m going to post some cute pancake pictures as a kind of celebration!

Also, happy birthday all women! You own the world! ;D
But why did I talk about the pancake day instead of the woman’s day, you ask? because pancakes are much yummier, and I’ve left the job of talking about women to everyone else ^_~

So here you go, enjoy~

Looks delicious, right? ^Q^

The pancake is eviiiiiiiiiiil!

Speaking of women, what’s the point with pancakes when you can have a boob instead? ;o

Oh, and by the way…

…just so you know it…

And to top it off, I’ll tell you something random ^^:
One of the ingredients for pancakes are eggs, right? Well, as  Scrumptious said, all Shugo Chara fanboys, you should not be ashamed of enjoying Shugo Chara! Just look at all these proud fanboys here 😀
Speaking of eggs…

IKUTO MAKES EGG-LICKING HAWT! Seriously, that’s my fetish, fer sure ^w^


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