Beware! THE smexy voice has entered Sekaiichi Hatsukoi!

I just found out something new about the upcoming anime Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 😀

My absolute favorite male seiyuu is going to voice a character in SH*excited*



So sexy *o* and people wonder WHY I’m into japanese guys…

Anyways, he’s going to voice Hatori Yosiyuki
He is an editor working at Emarld with Ritsu and Takano ^_^ I know his name is Masamune, but I think Takano suits him much better.
Hatori is also in charge of Chiaki, who is the most popular mangaka at Emarld :O

Yuuichi-Sama voicing a seme in a yaoi I like very much. Can life get better right now? Yes, but the cake is evil, so… ^.^

Looks like a cute couple, don’t you think? :3

I also found out that Yuuichi-Sama is voicing Tomoyuki in Togainu no Chi, which I’m planning to watch very soon 😀
Weeeeeeey, hearing the smexiest voice over and over again*jumps* I’ve been missing his voice after Shugo Chara ended :’)

So beware for smexyness overload!!!!!


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