Shungiku Nakamura’s secret April’s Fool?

Okay, it’s official now…I’ve became obsessed with Sekaiichi Hatsukoi *_*
Blame the realese of the anime episode…
This was just something random I found just now, though, because I’m reading the manga…

I just had to make this when I found out Kisa’s age ^w^ I thought it was destiny that I came to read this on April’s Fool’s day…
I mean, he’s 30 YEARS OLD, I can’t believe it DX he’s a babyface!
And it looks like he’s going to be the uke, and his(soon-to-be) lover is 21 O.o Shungiku-Sama must have a fetish or something for dramaticly big age differences, or something xD  yes, it has to be that.
Oh, and for those who doesn’t recognize him, he’s one of the editors at Emarld, the one who’s calling Ritsu “Ricchan” all the time ^_~

So…happy April’s Fool from me and (secretly)Shungiku-Sama? ^^’


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