Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 1! :D


Finally! It’s airing πŸ˜€
Well, there’s been a good while since the first episode came out, but since I was in Poland with my class then, I couldn’t blog about it. But I got to download it since the hotel had internet :3 Hihi, so I watched it while my roomate was asleep >w< now episode 3 is just a couples of days away.
Anyway, here’s some thoughts(thoughts? no, you can’t call it thoughts, just some random words):

Opening shooooooots~
I know, it’s too many, but I couldn’t help myself >w< Β I really like the opening. It has a catchy song, the same cute theme as in Junjou Romantica, a supercute mascot and the focuse is only on the couples. Yeah, I’m glad that no one else appears, like those bad-ass characters like Yokozawa >w< I don’t like him….
The opening song isΒ “Sekai de Ichiban Koishiteru” by Shuhei Kita, and if you want it, you can download it here
Anyways, I’m so happy that Chiaki and Hatori-San also will be in the spotlight. I think they’re an interesting and cute couple, and I’ll get to hear Yuuichi-Sama’s voice again! *fangirlsmiley* Kyaah, Yuuichi-Sama as a seme *Q*
And the last couple is Kisa and Yukina πŸ™‚ I think they’re the new Egoist couple…kind of….

Um, asking if someone has kissed before isn’t what I exactly call sexual harassment….she’s and adult, I’m pretty sure she’s kissed before, so I don’t get why she blushes and all that x) Drama ftw!

Yeeeeey, their “first” kiss! ^______^

If “work” means kissing Takano-San, PLEASE HIRE ME~!

You were gay for 4 years, and then your stomach hurts from just a little kiss from another guy? Makes a lot of sense, Ritsu…(he just loves complaining, I guess…)

Usagi-San~! πŸ˜€ hooo, so Ritsu was one of his editors? Lucky bastard >w<

Hah, amateur! I could do that without any problems! ~^-^~ (oh well, he’s excused, since he’s not so crazy about manga as I am)

Oh well, hello there ;3
This is the editors from Emarld! The guy to the right is Kisa, he’s one of the main characters, I guess, since one of the three couples is about him and Yukina πŸ™‚ the guy to the left is a random, always-smiling guy named Kanade Mino(if I remember correctly, he’s also gay). *Sigh* And here I thought I could finally enjoy a new great yaoi without Hikaru Midorikawa…he’s EVERYWHERE, for god’s sake! He voices almost every main character in every OVA yaoi! He’s a great seiyuu, don’t get me wrong, and his voice is special and different, but I’m tired of hearing him moan in certain scenes. I don’t like it either, he sounds weird. Oh well, he fits being the seiyuu for this character, though, and we won’t get to hear him moan here, so I’m happy πŸ™‚ (it’s just that he’s just like a damn stalker)
And the last person behind there is Hatori-San aka Tori ^w^ (Yuuichi-Samaaaaaaaaaa ❀) I got really suprised over how dark his voice is o.o but I don’t care, so….

Hehe, their famous cycle! ^w^ what you just saw is the beginning of the cycle. Here’s the whole thing-ish:

Didn’t get it? Don’t worry, I think you will after a few episodes…if you haven’t read the manga, of course

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Serves you right, Ritsu, for not understanding the maiden’s heart throb panel! x’D

Why the hell did they translate Ricchan to Rittie? Just sounds weird. Couldn’t they’ve just written Ricchan?

Takano-San is starting to realize…….

And THERE he realizes who Ritsu really is ^.^ Aaaaaahw

That’s the so-called “thoughts”, time for ending shots!:

The ending’s simple, cute and boring xD but I fell in love with it! ^-^
It’s only about Ritsu and Takano-San, which I like, and the song is ADORABLE ❀ can’t wait for the realese of the full version in May!
The ending song is “Ashita, Boku wa Kimi ni Ai ni Yuku” by Wakaba, and if you want it, you can download it here


Yey, more kissing ^-^
So, on every preview, Ristu talks about something that has to do with Marukawa Publishing. A kind of dictionary, as he calls it. So you just have to read very fast what he talks about while you have to see what’s going to happen in next episode…fascinating.

On the other hand, should bloging really take so long?! I feel like I’ve been working with this post forever! Well, I did post a lot of photos >.>
I’ll see if I can talk about ep 2 tomorrow, if I get time ^^

Ja ne~


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