Because The Cake Is Evil

Yes, so my whole class and me got the subject m*th(can’t say the word, then I’ll explode) for our writing exams…of course we got the screwed subject that I hate and suck at! It’s my worst subject. I started crying when the principle said we got m*th, without wanting it ._. the tears almost overflowed, and I was just like: “WTF?! Yes, I’m sad and pissed, but I knew this was going to happen! So why am I crying!!” D: I’m starting to think that Firday 13 is not a joke….no, it’s definetely because the cake is evil!

So it’s “Goodbye” to my lovely future!

Nah, now I’m overreacting. Just a little. So I’m just gonna kill everyone who’s responsible for this(including those mathematicians who says we need to learn about A and B), and then I’ll show everyone that I can do this! I’ll practice everyday(the exam’s next Friday), get help from everyone around me, make it through the exam, get a great grade for once, and reunite with my future again! >:D *gets my Death Note, starts writing names while laughing evil laughter in Iru-style**Kishishishishishi*

I guess it’s kinda gonna look like this after I’ve eliminated m*th -w- (with a Kuroshitsuji-wannabe sign under me, weeeey!)

On top of that, I want a Dollfie Dream! I’ve been searching around everywhere now, but it’s so damn hard to find a finished doll for sale! Especially boys(I want a boy T^T). I want a girl too, but a boy first. I wanna have a boy I can dress up in cute lolita clothes and other cute dresses ^_^(Hehe, I love cross-dressing). I also wanna have a girl that can wear supersexy outifts! I found places where you can buy all the parts that’s needed, but I don’t have the skills or willpower to make my own, though that’s the best, ’cause then it can look just the way you want to.
Oh well, it’s not a rush, ’cause I don’t have any money to buy one anyway, since I’m buying a cosplay right now 🙂 (most likely Chii from Chobits )

BUT, to cheer me up, I’m going to watch the new Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi episode ^w^ and tomorrow, I’ll blog about the previous episode. Haven’t had time to blog about yet. Blame life and laziness -_-
I also looked at the moon for a little while before I went to bed, ’cause the moon was so clear right outside my window, and looking at the moon always makes me happy ^^

Kyaaaaah, look at them, they’re ADORABLE! *O*

*Yaaaaaaaaaawns* Oh, it’s yaoi time! 😀 THEN it’s time to sleep, I’m so tired -_- (not too tired for yaoi, though)



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