Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 5


Hehe, I lied last night. I didn’t watch the new episode yesterday, I was too tired x3 So instead, I watched it while I ate my breakfast this morning ^_^ *fangirl-scream*
I haven’t had time to post episode 4, but although episode 6’s already out, I had to post episode 5, ’cause: IT’S THE INTRODUCING OF THE SECOND COUPLE! YAAAAAAAAY! It’s Chiaki and Hatori-San/Tori 😀 I’ve looked so much forward to this couple, ’cause they’re not in the manga, and I was excited about watching Yuuichi-Sama as a seme -w- Anyway, here it is~:

 Indeed. But there are some rules 😉

Here they areeee~! Chiaki and Hatori-San! 😀 Oh yeah, for those who don’t know: Chiaki is Emarld’s most popular Shoujo manga-author under then pen name Chiharu Yoshikawa, and all his readers believes he’s a woman. I don’t know why he’s pretending to be a female, but I guess it’s got something to do with that this way he can go outside without being attacked by fangirls, and maybe he thinks being a male Shoujo mangaka in public is embarrassing? Anyways, so many companys want to work with Chiaki, but he turns(no, makes Hatori-San turn) everyone down because he doesn’t want people to know he’s male.

He’s caring, good at his job, is good-looking, got a smexy voice AND can cook delicious food? Hatori-San, please marry me~kudasai! *fangirl-eyes*

And here’s the BIG misunderstanding of Chiaki’s. He thinks they kissed….and I can spoil you this much by saying they didn’t. It’s so obvious that they didn’t XD Oh, btw, Yuu is also a childhood friend of Chiaki, he’s also his assistant.

So because Chiaki saw them, he thinks they’re going out, and thinks this over at work. What I like about their story, is that Chiaki’s reaction is so different compared to other yaois and animes. It’s more realistic(?) and not so dramatic(which I like). I love how gets like: “But they’re both guys, are they okay with that?? *_*x3

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHW Look at his adorable college-face! *fangirl-mode*

*Fangirl-scream* THEIR FIRST KISS! And their second…and their third…seriously, do you know how many times they kiss in the whole episode? 8 times! I think that’s a new record for Shungiku-Sama XD Well, I don’t mind at all, they’re adorable when they kiss ^w^
And imagine, waking up to Hatori-San’s kiss, how delightful that must be….*drools*

I know, right?! Well, like I said, I find Chiaki’s reaction about this very interesting(actually, one of the best reactions), ’cause instead of freaking totally out, he’s being supportive and thinks that they should be together if that’s what they want(though that’s not what they want) etc. But…

…of course he gets jealous 😉 (that’s almost required)

Seriously, when I move out, I’m going to get a superlong bed with space for three like Chiaki’s, just so I can roll around in it!

Yeah, right, you’re just saying that so you can kiss him later -w-

Confession! (If you listen closefully, you can hear the fangirls scream)

Haha, and Chiaki’s answer is: “Sorry, could you repeat that?” XD
And he doesn’t give up, he still thinks Yuu and Hatori-San are in love with each other and blah blah blah…but in fact, they hate each other 😮 (Chiaki’s just too dense to not notice)

Uhm, excuse me for ruining the moment, but isn’t it a little epic fail to be in love with someone for 28 years when you ARE 28 years old? X)
And there’s the Shoujo manga-wind that comes everytime someone confess! They’re everywhere, even in Yaoi XD

Then Chiaki says he loves Hatori-San too, but Hatori-San points that it’s not the same love, and he’s right. He also tells Chiaki he doesn’t have to pretend just because Hatori-San is there. Aaahw, he’s so caring 🙂

Yeah, ’cause a kiss solves everything, of course…haha, I can’t stop laughing everytime someone says that, it’s so stupid X)
But I like it a little, too, ’cause here it’s so sweet and innocent

But, despite that Hatori-San doesn’t want to at first, they kiss~ ^.^


Then it’s bed time and name calling! 😀(or whatever you wanna call it)
Unfortunately, we don’t get to see much of the smexy scenes in SH either. We actually got to see more from the scenes in Junjou, and it’s a little(no, it IS) dissapointing we don’t get to see much 😦 especially with Hatori-San and Chiaki, since they’re not in the manga! The others are, so we get to see something anywas -w-

 AND he dares to kiss in public! Pleeeeease, Hatori-San, marry meeeeeeeeeeeeee! *fangirl-overload*

Kyaaaaaaaah, punishment *w*


Yeeey, more kissing 😀
I’ll try post the next episode now, too, but if I don’t get time to publish, it’ll surely be out tomorrow(’cause there’s no school tomorrow, since it’s the National Day on Tuesday) 😉


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