Yes, today is my country’s National day! ^_^ ❤ 

Today is our National day because the Constitution of Norway was adopted/signed at May 17 in 1814. Also, it’s actually “today the oldest single-document national constitution in Europe – the second oldest in the world – still in continuous force.”(Wikipedia FTW) 😀
I’m not the biggest patriot in the world, but I do love my country. And on days like these, I get very patriotic ^w^ (though I think that’s to be expected by every human on their National day)
Anyways, I’ve had such a great great day, and I’ve got to enjoy it with both friends and family, I’m glad 🙂 Usually, I barerly get to be together with friends on this day, ’cause I’m too busy being with family and friends of my parents(though they’re also my friends).
Despite that eating many ice creams is a tradition on this day, I only ate one today D: and it wasn’t even my favorite, I just took a random I like just so I made sure I’d eaten one for the day XS. But it’s not that important, though, I’ve eaten LOTS of food today and drinking Coca Cola like hell XD *thumbs up*
I’m so not ready for school tomorrow, btw ._. and I got exams on Friday, I’m not ready yet DX

Just a little picture from today:

Uhm, Paint sucks and didn’t want to cooperate, so I just posted the picture as it originally is. So the girl in the middle holding a stick with a goofy smile is me(look how happy I am 😀 just kidding) 🙂 And the people behind me is a little part of my class, including my teacher. Whehey, I got to go first OwO
Credits to Mom for taking lovely picture with my supercool pink camera ;D 

That’s all folks, G’Night! 😀


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