Ooh baby, baby~ ♥

FINALLY FREEDOM~! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOO! *jumps so high that I can touch the roof* <–in my dreams

Yesterday was the last of my exams(YEY!), so I’m kind of done with secondary school :’D we’ve only got one and a half week left, and next week’s only working somewhere, ’cause we’re going to learn about having a job and that stuff, and the week after that, there’s only the gradutation cermony 🙂
Anyways, because of the exam, I’ve barerly had time to anything but studying this week, so I haven’t been able to blog at all(missed it), but now I’m done, so lets blog! 😀
I’ll try to post ep 8 and 9 of SH tomorrow*currently downloading ep 10*, was supposed to do it today, but before I got to post this thing, I got this sick-for-one-day habit of mine, so now it’s been 11 hours since I started writing the post XD but I’m fine now ^_^

So right now I just wanted to tell everyone that I’ve become obsessed with a certain song! XD and hopefully I can spread the obsession *nyahahahaha*(that’s my evil lafter, btw)


Though this is usually not my type of music, I’ve always thught that Pitbull is awesome, and I like catchy songs :3 plus, can’t help that it got stucked in my head ;D uuuhm, download links for those who want that:



Also, YAOI FANS (especially SebastianxCiel fans), LOOK HERE!(drool guaranteed!)

this is were I found out about the song ;3
Haha, Sebastian lip-syncing T-Pain is noooot good

Just one thing, have I gone crazy because I get eargasm when Pitbull sings “ooh baby, baby”? O.O 
If I have, then please send me to a hospital right away! I don’t wanna be crazy, just weird ;3

I guess that’s it? well, G’NIGHT,FOLKS~! OYASUMINASAI~! ^.^ 


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