Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 8


GAAAAH, I’m sick of not getting time to post this! But finally, now I’m going to post it! And no matter what, I’m going to post ep 9 tomorrow, and then ep 10! (btw, just watched it this morning, I truly enjoyed it ^w^)

Hey, this sentence does actually make sence and does even have something to do with the episode! Wow! XD
But you know what that means, right? of course I’m talking about…

 The appearance of Kisa and Yukina! 😀
Uhm, Kisa’s got some serious self-critiques about himself, and he’s got the creepiest pedosmile ever!

Yeah, that’s what I thought too! Yukina’s definitely gotta be a host! XD

Aaahw, he’s got hearts on his computer! ^.^

Now Ri-chan’s suddenly become “Rit” -_- can’t you just write Ri-chan or Richan or something like that?!

Aaahw, you two sweet lovebirds :3

Shungiku-Sama’s got a new obsession: UKE-STALKERS!

Yokozawa’s the last person EVERYONE wants to meet!

Suddenly, this random, odd-looking guy shows up O.o looks like he’s one of Kisa’s one-night-stands…

I don’t know why, but I think Kisa was so cool here :3 I just loved the way he talked

So for those who doesn’t already know it, Kisa’s got this bad habit/fetish for liking people only by their looks. He’s weak to good-looking MEN. He doesn’t like that, and complains about it all the time. He wants to get away from that habit, but that’s not easy when Yukina’s so pretty ;D

Haha, awesome Kisa chibi 😀

Yeah, yeah, you’re superman, Yukina, just because you guessed right on something….but you should just’ve known what kind of guys that edit your favorite shoujo mangas :3 Not only are they men, they’re gay(not that it’s bad being gay at all), and the editor-in chief is hunting on the newbie, while he’s running away. Another guy there only smiles and never open his eyes, and there’s this super-serious guy who dates his author, and he says the most cliché things ever, and the last one is the cute, old man in front of you.
Sasuga Emarld! B-D

Oh, how I’ve been waiting for this moment! It’s one of my favorites from the manga 😀 
Haha, I got so shocked(I was acting very similar to Yukina) when he said he was 30 XD I was like:” *O*” for ten minutes or so

Haha, Yukina’s reaction is so cool!

It’s so obvious that he’s a host! X’D even real hosts don’t say that!

Uhm, I don’t even remember why I took this snapshots O.O Anyways, I found it a little annoying that Kisa’s so…pessimistic. Like here, can’t he just be happy for what Yukina’s going to do for him(making an ad for his manga), instead of focusing on the negative things? He says he’s not being negative, only realistic, but I think it’s a little bit too much…

Their long-awaited first kiss, hooray! ^_^ 
You know what, this couple reminds me of the Egoist couple in several ways. They’re switching on being the seme and uke(but the youngest one, Nowaki and Yukina’s the seme most of the time), the old one(Kisa and Hiro-San) complains/thinks about their age difference, Kisa and Hiro-San are not used to be in their “kind of realtionships”, so the young ones have to take the initiative, and Yukina reminds me of Nowaki in some ways XD 


Of course, more Kisa and Yukina 😀 It had to be, they did were sneaky enough to end the ep with a kiss!
Btw, after I’d finished half the post, I realized I’d written Chiaki instead of Kisa! Haha, crack-pairing ftw? It’s because I was thinking of the 1oth episode, because I got so excited about it, while writing about this, so I wrote Chiaki’s name because I was thinking of him XD
I laughed so much when I realized what I’d done for the last 15 minutes x3 

Well, forunately, I’ll get to post the two last eps tomorrow, ’cause the weekend starts tomorrow. And if no one wants to hang out with me tomorrow(mah people[parents] is going to abandon me T^T), I guess I’ll get plenty of time for that XD

Finally done, G’Night, folks~


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