Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 10


Finally got some time to upload this! I’m on vacation now, so I don’t have much time on my computer(fortunately!), but that means only that I’m having fun doing other things ^_^
Btw, I don’t know how it turned out like this, but this time I took 54 snapshots!! O.O new record! I guess a lot of things happened? >.<
Well, it actually did. Anyway, this is the last episode with Hatori-San and Chiaki for now! (still prays for a season 2)
Enjoy~(?) ^_^

Now THIS is what I call a title that matches with the episode! (I guess)

It starts with the guys finally finishing the work(after missing the deadline), and when the girls have left, Chiaki stumbles, but Yuu catches him(of course). Then he starts touching  Chiaki all over, and I freak out and gets like:”THE FUCK YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?! GET YOUR HANDS OFF! D:<
But it was only to check if he had lost weight…(fortunately?)
Oh well, Yuu’s at least very good at drawing 🙂 and appearently, he only drawes Chiaki(obviously gay!)

Then Yuu starts tickling Chiaki, comes with this nasty request(which makes him even more obviously gay), and Hatori-San bustes them >_< he leaves the stuff he brought and leaves without saying anything. And with this, Chiaki and Hatori-San doesn’t speak to eachother for a week :/


Do I sense a little Usagi-San-copycat here?

But after a week, Chiaki goes to Hatori-San’s place(and faints there ). And at the breakfast, Chiaki tells Hatori-San he’s going to a hot spring with Yuu, and appearently, that day is a special day…I got a little stressed, ’cause I thought it was Hatori-San’s birthday >.>

But no, it was his own birthday! (lovely cake, btw!)

Though Chiaki goes to the hot springs(with Yuu) to get away from work, all he does is thinking about Hatori-San(mohaha!) and he realises that Hatori-San’s always been there for him, getting everything he’s asked for, and always been there to help while Chiaki’ve barerly done anything for him in return 😮

Gah, what’s up with almost none gays(or rather, semes) like sweets in the anime world?! Boring D:

So in the end, we do agree with nude drawing, with a drunk drawer…

Then a little misunderstanding appears, wether Yuu loves whole Chiaki or if it’s his bones he’s talking about…

But of course this is a love confession! DX Told ya, I knew it all along, I was just waiting for it >3<
Haha, you think I freaked out a little? XD (YES) I was just like:”WAAAH, someone, save Chiaki! He’s going to kiss him! Somenone, disturb them! Hatori-Saaaaaan!” XD crazy fangirl, much?

YES! Hatori-San called the second before a kiss appeared! Have I told you I love you, Hatori-San? ^w^

After the call, Chiaki couldn’t take it anymore, and went home. Or rather, he went to Hatori-San’s place. And Hatori-San was so surprised that when he talked, his tone sounded like he just got busted from cheating XD

Aaaaaahw :’> ❤

 Seriously, forgetting his own birthday, how lame…

Because Hatori-San is handsome when he smiles OwO (no wonder why it becomes so many snapshots)

Haha, Chiaki’s birthday present XD
And he actually complained and got a little dissapointed that he didn’t get something more romantic for his birthday, so…

…Hatori-San gives himself to Chiaki, wheeeey 😀 

Wow, obsessive semes is people you certainly don’t wanna mess with, scary x> but here the seme actually admit that he gets jealous!
So Hatori-San said Chiaki could never go alone with Yuu anywhere again, and after a little argument, Chiaki in the end promises he won’t. Way to go, Hatori-San! x3  

Omg, I seriously rofl’ed at this! and at the same time screaming:”Nooo,Hatori-Saaaan!” X’D Poor you! >w<
Just look at his(evil) eyes! Scary XD


Finally done~ *dries off sweat*
Now all that’s left is to upload the two last episodes! That could take some time, maybe it won’t be before after I’ve come home from vacation(one week) 😮

Oh well, for now, HAPPY SUMMER, EVERYONE! ^_^ ❤


A true yaoi fan?

THIS POST IS ABOUT YAOI! Don’t like, don’t read! And if you’re kind of light-hearted, I guess this isn’t something for you either.

Okay, I just had to share this(even though I maybe shouldn’t)!

Last night, I dreamt about Ritsu and Takano-San, and that they were…doing…it O.O”’
I dreamt that Ritsu, Takano-San and Yokozawa were at Takano-San’s place(which was not like in the anime, it was superfancy! with a pool and stuff), and Takano-San wasn’t like himself at all. He was smiling, laughing, and everyone was buddies XD it could almost seem like he was drunk(but he wasn’t…yet). After some mintues, Yokozawa left, and after the couple had been alone for a while, they started doing it O.O not out of the blue! there was a foreplay and stuff >.>
So I made a real yaoi scene all by myself(proud? XD), and right before the climax, Yokozawa came and interrupted(DAMN)! He didn’t catch them, they managed to hide it and get ready like nothing happened before he entered “the room”. And then they continued the conversation-thing-ish from earlier, and after a couple of minutes, the dream ended.
So when I woke up, I was just like:”For real? o.o wait, does this make me a true yaoi fan then? XD
I guess the reason for this dream was because the night before, I read the two latest chapters of the manga, and right before I went to sleep, I read the latest chapter of Junjou Romantica. So I was pretty excited and in a yaoi mode XD (the best part was that Ritsu wasn’t resisting, btw OwO)

Uhm, so…I just wanted to share this, I guess, because I got a little surprised when I realized it, and because I want to hear other’s opinion on this XD And I wonder if anyone else have dreamt something similiar 😀 (ofc it is, but I want to hear about it)
And if anyone thinks this isn’t something I should post online and/or want me to erase this, please tell me!

So, yeah, that was pretty much it ^^’ 
G’night, folks! *curious about tonight’s dream*