Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 12


Finally I get to post the last piece of the Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Episodes-shit! (sorry for calling it “shit”)
It’s weird how the time suddenly flew away, and it took months before I could finish this after the last episode aired D:
Oh well, here it is:

I guess~? 🙂 

The story continues from last time, and Ritsu still questions his life…what he feels about Takano-San, why he’s still a manga editor…and then one of his authors calls him, gives him a compliment and then he gets all excited :3 

Takano-San’s waited for Ritsu getting the phonecall done since last time, and when he’s done, they notice he’s bleeding, so Takano-San goes to get bandage and stuff

With that, Ritsu sees an oppurtunity to again avoid Takano-San and “fix” their relationship as boss subordinate…

…but he fails, as always XD and then one of my favorite moments starts… ^w^

Kyyyaaah~! ^w^
Too bad they get interrupted by Ritsu’s phone, but it’s still epic!

Burn >:3

Aaahw, cheesy yaoi, you just gotta love it ❤ 

Since he’s “okay”, Ritsu’s all sparkly and energic the next day, and claims that his life’s back on track again XD
He says he’s going to get many hours of sleep every night, always keeping his apartment clean and stuff like that…but he gets totally rejected by the others x3 


Haha, Ritsu’s gone badass! >:3
And that was it, it’s over! I think the ending was half-assed done. And it must be a confusing and bad ending for those who haven’t read the manga, it must make think the ending’s crap, ’cause they may not know that the story continues! But maybe they will now, ’cause I’ve heard that A SEASON 2 COMES IN OCTOBER! 😀
So let’s pray for that! Again, finally this is over, and I hope you’ve kinda enjoyed my thoughts through the anime <: )
Any questions or comments, go ahead!

I guess that’s it, I’m just glad I’m done 🙂



Back in buisness!!!

YEY, finally I’m back again! My network’s been gone for a week or so, and school’s just started again, so I’ve been a little busy :3 And I’ll probably be more busy from now on too, high school’s tough work >:)

So now I’m watching NCIS while eating an ice cream called “Båtis” in norwegian, it means “boat-ice” XD

Btw, I don’t have weird curtains like that, I’m at my grandparents’ house XD (I just felt like telling you)
And when I’m done, I’ll finally get that SH ep 12 published! >3<

I’m sorry for being away for so long, but I’m back now 😀 (how many times have I said that? -.-)

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 11


Let’s just get this over with, okay? >.<‘
Enjoy my bullshit~ XD

‘That so? O.O

Okay, so it starts with Ritsu who overslept and then got late to a meeting Takano-San said he should join. A meeting where they discuss the amount of prints for the upcoming manga. And this is definetely one of this meetings where the people show their worst side…just because of a number. Except Isaka-San, he’s always at his best ^___~
Haha, stupid adults…

So, thing here is…Sumi-senpai’s dad shows up, who appears to be good friends with Ristu. And he with his assistant get dissapointed when they find out that Ritsu’s working with shoujo  manga. So they try to convince him to switch to the literature department, like try talking shit about Takano-San 😡 (but Ritsu defends him 😀). That’s what the episode’s about >.>

The convincement almost works, Ritsu really considers transferring OoO
And Takano-San gets jealous >:3

Aaahw, Ritsu’s so sweet ^__^
But ofc Takano-San comes and scares him, and he falls…

…but Takano-San catches him ;D 
They kiss(YAY), but Ritsu slaps him and tries to run away, but he falls again! Oh, how I love this scene :’D

Just a picture of Sorata, Takano-San’s cat :3 because it’s cute

When Ritsu comes home, Yokozawa comes out of Takano-San’s home and starts yelling at him and stuff :/ 
And that’s it! ep’s over!

Preview~(like it’s needed)

And the next(last) episode is just the continuation of this… ._. 
I must say, this ep was quite boring, ’cause I’ve read the manga, so I knew what was going to happen. I guess this was a lot more fun for those who haven’t read the manga, ’cause it’s all about Ritsu’s thoughts on his life now and his relationship with Takano-San 🙂
Point is, I actually think this episode was a waste D: especially if there’s not going to be a season 2, then they could’ve done something more interesting! If a second season is coming, then I guess it’s okay >w>
Well, now I just have to post the last episode, and then I guess there won’t be THAT much Sekaiichi Hatsukoi anymore here XD

Whatevs, baibai for now~ ^_^



Yousei Teikoku – Mischievous of Alice Single

YATTA! New single from Yousei Teikoku! *jumps around in my bed* 😀 
I actually haven’t thought “when are they going to release something new?” for a long while now, kinda the same as “forgot” to check if new stuff’ve been released…but just minutes ago, I thought I should check it! And lucky me, I found new stuff ^_^
This single’s actually been out for a while, too, it was released on the 27th of July. And I couldn’t keep myself from publishing it, though I’d planned to post the 11th ep of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi instead, but what the hell X)
Anyway, here it is~:

1. Mischievous of Alice
2. Emergence
3. Mischievous of Alice (instrumental)
4. Emergence (instrumental)

~Download Link~

I just listened to the single, and I’m very happy with it ^_^ Mischievous of Alice is very classic YT, energic, and Yui’s voice is awesome(as always) here! Emergence has got a little new twist-ish. I’d describe the song as a kinda funny “ballad”(it’s not a ballad, but it’s easier to say that than “calm song”) 🙂 Though this is a classic piece of work, I must say that the PV for Mischievous of Alice‘s got a new style:

Finally they’re going pink, oh yeah! And Yui surronded by bunny girls, that’s new! And hot! But then again, consuming the title, there’s no surprise that something like this shows up 😛 though I have to admit that I really laughed at 1:13, ’cause it looks so porno and it’s so not YT XD But I also love it, ’cause Yui looks so superior and like a dominant, and it suits her so well
I still haven’t got to study the lyrics yet, though, and there were many unfamiliar words for me, so I don’t know what the song is about yet. I bet it’s something about a bad or naughty girl or something like that 😛 Point is, I’m sure the video’ll make more sense to me when I’ve checked out the lyrics!

So all in all, I’m very pleased with the outcome of this single ^_^
Now I’m just waiting for something new again, I think it’ll be another single next time, and then maybe a new album with Tasogare no Getsuka, Shouseijo no Uta and hopefully the full version of The Creator!! Something like that. I’m really looking forward to the full version of The Creator, hope it’ll come out soon -_-

Well, enjoy it, folks~!
Now I’m going to sleep, oyasumi~ ^.^

This was supposed to be about vampire cookies,though…

HII EVERYONE!!! Long time no see, AGAIN D: sorry! I’ve been away for a long time now, I’ve been busy with actually living a life XD But I’m(hopefully) back again, and now I want to show you what happened when my friend and I made vampire cookies!!

We didn’t have anything much to talk about in particular, so we’re just talking about lots of random stuff(I’ve got hooked up on the word “stuff” 😡) that usually doesn’t have anything to do with cookies x3 And sorry for the mumbling D: but if you turn up your volume, I think you’ll hear us just fine…

This was from one week ago, btw…enjoy our cookie-making in the middle of the night~! (ish?)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Yeah, we like the word “awesome”…(’cause it’s awesome!) And here’s the video of when the cookies were done:

Yey for japanese goodnights 😀  So the result video got completely screwed up -_- I tried to light up the picture, but it didn’t work well. When I watched the clip on my camera, it wasn’t that dark, so I thought it was allright on the computer too(FAIL) <_> And I didn’t even get to take pictures of the cookies later, ’cause my mom throwed them because I hadn’t eaten them up after two days DX I didn’t even get to taste my pink cookie ;-; Oh well, I got to taste May-Chan’s :3
And this is what happens when we go to McDonald’s: We put french fries in our mouth and pretend that we’re vampires!

Anywas, I hope you guys enjoyed watching us awesome retards making cookies, and I hope you enjoyed watching how I am in real life ^_^ Hopefully, I didn’t scare anyone or ruined someone’s image of me <_> That’s it for now, I’ll post SH ep 11 and 12 as soon as possible, ’cause I don’t wanna leave work unfinished!