This was supposed to be about vampire cookies,though…

HII EVERYONE!!! Long time no see, AGAIN D: sorry! I’ve been away for a long time now, I’ve been busy with actually living a life XD But I’m(hopefully) back again, and now I want to show you what happened when my friend and I made vampire cookies!!

We didn’t have anything much to talk about in particular, so we’re just talking about lots of random stuff(I’ve got hooked up on the word “stuff” 😡) that usually doesn’t have anything to do with cookies x3 And sorry for the mumbling D: but if you turn up your volume, I think you’ll hear us just fine…

This was from one week ago, btw…enjoy our cookie-making in the middle of the night~! (ish?)
Part 1:

Part 2:

Yeah, we like the word “awesome”…(’cause it’s awesome!) And here’s the video of when the cookies were done:

Yey for japanese goodnights 😀  So the result video got completely screwed up -_- I tried to light up the picture, but it didn’t work well. When I watched the clip on my camera, it wasn’t that dark, so I thought it was allright on the computer too(FAIL) <_> And I didn’t even get to take pictures of the cookies later, ’cause my mom throwed them because I hadn’t eaten them up after two days DX I didn’t even get to taste my pink cookie ;-; Oh well, I got to taste May-Chan’s :3
And this is what happens when we go to McDonald’s: We put french fries in our mouth and pretend that we’re vampires!

Anywas, I hope you guys enjoyed watching us awesome retards making cookies, and I hope you enjoyed watching how I am in real life ^_^ Hopefully, I didn’t scare anyone or ruined someone’s image of me <_> That’s it for now, I’ll post SH ep 11 and 12 as soon as possible, ’cause I don’t wanna leave work unfinished!



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