So fluffy I’m gonna DIE!!!

*steamrolling whatever I see…despicable me!*
Walking like a badass on the street while listening to Pharrell’s Despicable Me FTW!

Haha, that songs’ been stuck in my head since Sunday >w>
You see, I was in May-Chan’s(remember her? XD) birthday party, and we watched Despicable Me. At first I thouht:”Oh noo, that movie looks so boring ._.“…but that changed once we got to the menu! The movie was SO awesome, I haven’t laughed so much for a very long time 😀
I just LOVED the randomness, and Mr.Gru’s voice was epic -w- 

And look!!:
We got cupcakes, and she made one especially for me! “because you’re my young master” she said :’3 (we cosplay together, she’s my Sebastian, and I’m her young master Ciel)
Sorry for the crappy photo, btw, my the camera on my IPhone sucks sometimes…

She also drew this supercool drawing of me 😀 ❤

OH! suddenly, there’s a new OVA of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, called 12.5! :O 
I just came over it randomly yesterday while I was watching Kuroshitsuji with my friend…
Anyways, I’m gonna watch it now, though it hasn’t been subbed yet. Good for me that I’m pretty good in japanese ^^,
From what I’ve seen(2 seconds), I think it’s about Chiaki and Hatori-San, YEY!

GAAAAH, IT’S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sekaiichi Hatsukoi Season 2 AIRING DATE!

It’s official!!! The second season of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi will start airing at OCTOBER 7 😀

NOW you can’t deny the fact that I’ve become awesome

Aaaah, finally the week’s over ^______^ and now the weekend’s almost over :’O Uhm, since I don’t know what to start with, I’ll go straight to the good news! MY NEW COSPLAY HAS ARRIVED!!! *kyyyyaaaaaaaah* This is my second cosplay, the first one was of Chii from Chobits, but it wasn’t as good as I hoped(I’ve finally got to sell it to someone now), but now I’ve finally found a REAL, and actually PERFECT cosplay! The clothes, the wig, the accessories, everything is perfect ^-^ And the character is…..*drums* Ciel Phantomhive, my favorite badass! >w< (Lol, like you couldn’t see that right away before you read the name)
Oh, how I’ve waited for this day. And I hate to say girly things like this, but I don’t have much make-up on here, so my face looks a little weird >_> (don’t I always look weird?) But when I’ll get make-up on, I’ll totally look just like him ^w^ Now I just have to wait for May-Chan to get her Sebastian cosplay, then we’ll become obsessed with cosplaying XD We’re gonna take lots of pictures, and movies~ (we’ve even started calling each other Sebastian and Bocchan, so we get in to the character early ;D) Soooo, I also wanna introduce you to my new(now dead) friend, Honey ^^, In the middle of art class, where we drew apples o_o, this little guy suddenly showed up on my paper. Isn’t he cute? 😀 he’s a type of bug, but I couldn’t tell what kind(damn, he’s so smal), but I think not knowing made him more awesome ^^ I named him after Honey-Senpai(OHSHC), btw.
And later that day, I bought a cupcake :3
Choco-cupcake 😀
After the class had talked about cake for a long time, I wanted to eat cake so badly that I actually went to the bakery to buy some XD
There wasn’t much there, though, so I bought this cute cupcake. Too bad it was “expensive”, and it wasn’t the best I’ve tasted in my life o3o (I don’t like wasting money -_-)

So take a hyper technologic box and put it behind your ear, then you won’t be suspected for world domination 

Baaaaaiiiiiiij ^_^


Kihihihi, me wa so HAPPI right naow! ^_________^

(beware, suddenly I got addicted on slang c:)
Today I’ve been shopping with my friend Lena!

Ain’t she supuah cute?

So we went shopping today, ’cause I was so desperate about going to the capital cx I wanted some new stuff, okay~?
And it was such nice weather today, y’know ^^,
Anyways, I just wanted to show what I bought *kehe* (a)

Manga! Ofc! I always buy manga when I’m in Oslo OwO and I got this manga card, right, so I get every 8 manga for free 😀
I was on 7 now, so I only had to buy one, and I got one more for free ^w^ what’s more, I paid for the cheapest, not the expensive one! Gosh, I love that store
So I bought Shugo Chara! Volume 1, since that’s the last book I needed(except vol.12) to complete the series 🙂
I didn’t know which one to pick as the second manga, so I figured I could take the first volume of Ouran, ’cause I’ve decided to read the manga now that I’m finished with the anime.

Kyyyaaah, Ciel pencilcase!!

Lucky me, I needed a new pencilcase, and I just found the perfect one >w<

And I found this cute wallpaper of Amu-Chan c:

There were seriously NO WALLPAPERS with Ikuto on(they sure got nerves to do that to me), so I took this 🙂
It also fits my room, since it’s pink(very very light pink, almost white)

What you see here, ladies and gentlemen, is the biggest reason for my happiness right now

One of the reasons I really needed to go to Oslo today, was because I really wanted to buy a VIP-ticket for the upcoming Con in October, called “Coscon”(main focus for the con is cosplay). I found out on Thursday that then there were only 20 left, so I wasn’t expecting being anyone left today…but there was!! There was 1 left! And I got it! Gosh, I got so happy!
Now I almost can’t wait at all for the con, since I’m also going to cosplay Ciel (still waiting for my cosplay to arrive, though)

And I bought Pocky :3

I also bought a birthday present for May-Chan(my cookie-baking friend from earlier) ^_^
I can’t post it, though, ’cause she knows my blog, so she could see it XD
All I can say is that it’s BLACK :3 (she may get what it is now, but it doesn’t matter, ’cause she’ll still be very happy)

Now, last thing is…watch this, okay? You won’t regret it


Sooo, I suddenly got 10 minutes free in class since I’m done with some survey about how good I am in English… >.>
Heck, couldn’t the teacher’ve just asked me, and then I could just answer:”I OWN ENGLISH! PWNED! XD” ?

Anyways, I haven’t been here for a little while(the school’s taken over mah life D:), so since I had nothing to do, I just wanted to step by and tell you…


Inappropriate(or rather, more appropriate) uses for the(holy) corset scene FTW X’D
Seriously, this’ve really made put it’s mark on my mind, I don’t think there’s a day without me singing or/and dancing this! But my friends love me for it, so it’s okay ^_^

Now I seriously need to get a banana costume soon…o3o (I love to say that)