NOW you can’t deny the fact that I’ve become awesome

Aaaah, finally the week’s over ^______^ and now the weekend’s almost over :’O Uhm, since I don’t know what to start with, I’ll go straight to the good news! MY NEW COSPLAY HAS ARRIVED!!! *kyyyyaaaaaaaah* This is my second cosplay, the first one was of Chii from Chobits, but it wasn’t as good as I hoped(I’ve finally got to sell it to someone now), but now I’ve finally found a REAL, and actually PERFECT cosplay! The clothes, the wig, the accessories, everything is perfect ^-^ And the character is…..*drums* Ciel Phantomhive, my favorite badass! >w< (Lol, like you couldn’t see that right away before you read the name)
Oh, how I’ve waited for this day. And I hate to say girly things like this, but I don’t have much make-up on here, so my face looks a little weird >_> (don’t I always look weird?) But when I’ll get make-up on, I’ll totally look just like him ^w^ Now I just have to wait for May-Chan to get her Sebastian cosplay, then we’ll become obsessed with cosplaying XD We’re gonna take lots of pictures, and movies~ (we’ve even started calling each other Sebastian and Bocchan, so we get in to the character early ;D) Soooo, I also wanna introduce you to my new(now dead) friend, Honey ^^, In the middle of art class, where we drew apples o_o, this little guy suddenly showed up on my paper. Isn’t he cute? 😀 he’s a type of bug, but I couldn’t tell what kind(damn, he’s so smal), but I think not knowing made him more awesome ^^ I named him after Honey-Senpai(OHSHC), btw.
And later that day, I bought a cupcake :3
Choco-cupcake 😀
After the class had talked about cake for a long time, I wanted to eat cake so badly that I actually went to the bakery to buy some XD
There wasn’t much there, though, so I bought this cute cupcake. Too bad it was “expensive”, and it wasn’t the best I’ve tasted in my life o3o (I don’t like wasting money -_-)

So take a hyper technologic box and put it behind your ear, then you won’t be suspected for world domination 

Baaaaaiiiiiiij ^_^


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