The internet is for (gay)PORN! :D


If you haven’t heard the song I’m singing about, it must suck to be you…if it sucks to be you(generally, too), check this out:

Omg, recently, I’ve been saying stuff that’s got to do with “sucking”….(don’t get bad thoughts now!)
I say “sucks to be you”, “sucker/suckers” and “suck on that”…you know you’ve watched too much yaoi when you walk around and say that 
And that’s what this post is about…YAOI 

Yaoi is pretty much one of my two drugs, you could say…I appearantly can’t get enough of it, I’m obsessed, and my inner fangirl is at my best when I watch or read(or listen to) yaoi :3
And lately, I think I’ve been too much obsessed(is that even possible?) with it, so I’ve found some gay stuff I wanted to share ;3

Ooh baby, baby~

Hehe, I just made this, it’s so damn true and funny  
While I’m at it, I may post some other demotivationals as well, ’cause I love them:
It’s asthma! D’: DAMN ASTHMA!
Okay, the last one’s got nothing to do with yaoi, but it’s DAMN AWESOME!

Also, here the other day, I found this epic and damn true comment on an article at
” Why is yaoi being aimed at straight women weird and lesbian porn aimed at straight men normal?”
Gah, the world… -.-

Earlier today, I took this quiz to check what yaoi stereotype I am. Usually, I don’t like stereotypes, but in yaoi, there’s so much stereotypes(very different from the real world, though), and almost every yaoi follows these 
My result was:

Uber Uke

Well arent you just cuuuuuute? Even so, you aren’t innocent. Though, youd like people to believe you to be. You also tend to look much younger than you really are. This’ll come in handy once you get older, but can sometimes be a real pain when youre in your late teens/early twenties and are constantly carded. Anyway, you are the most uke of all the uke. For now, at least. Once you get the hang of things, you have the potential of becoming anywhere from a Bashful Bottom to a Protean Player! ^_~

Well…most of it are true…but I’ve heard that I look older than I really am O.o
But I know myself so well that I know that I’m a mix of both seme and uke. In a relationship, I’m the uke(and I like it), but some parts of my personality is very seme-like, and I’m kinda “the seme” in a friendship

And for the last: A YAOI MEME I found on Nihonomaru :3

1. When did you start reading Yaoi?
I started watching when I was 12, but I actually didn’t start reading until I was 13

2. First character you fell in love with?
Yuki from Gravitation(my first yaoi), I guess, ’cause my friend and I made a deal: I would have Yuki and she would have Shuichi X’D

3. Current ‘favorite’ character(s)?
Omg, so many! Can name a few…Usagi-SanxMisaki, Kanou-SanxAyase, Takano-SanxRitsu, YukixShuichi…yeah, just to name a few 🙂

4. Current ‘hate’ pairing(s) – ?
I guess none from yaoi…except YuuxChiaki(Sekaiichi Hatsukoi), I am SO not for that couple -_-
Generally, I hate TadasexAmu(Shugo Chara!) the most…I hate Tadase!

5. Do you read yuri?why?
I have yet to complete a full yuri manga, only read some chapters from the animes I’ve watched. But yeah, I read and watch yuri, I like it, think it’s cute ^^,

6. Best Kiss scenes?
Again, SO MANY! Uhm, all Usagi-SanxMisaki kisses! Takano-San and Ritsu’s kiss from high school, after their first time~, Soubi and Ritsuka’s kiss from the ep when Soubi is hurt(this happens in the bed) and SO ON
This, too, is such a beautiful kiss  it’s Kanou-San and Ayase from Okane Ga Nai, btw

7. Your favorite yaoi (until now)?
Junjou Romantica! 

8. Yaoi (s) that you’ d never get bored reading it?
Junjou Romantica, Okane Ga Nai, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Oh!My Maid(appearantly O.O)

9. Yaoi mangaka that has art you don’t like but you still enjoyed it?
None that I can think of

10. Do you write yaoi fanfiction?
No, but I’m about to ^^

11. Do you create yaoi fanart?
No, but I’m about to ^^

12. If so, which pairings do you write/draw for?
Going to write/draw SebastianxCiel stuff, Zeruto stuff(ZeroxIkuto is my favorite crack pairing!), Junjou stuff, Sekaiichi stuff…

13. Favorite ‘moments’ in the yaoi manga/anime for your pairing(s) of choice?
I got this list, you know…*picks a random moment from the list*
Ah, this’ll work! A video with random moments of Junjou Romantica, ’cause it’s HOT and EPIC!

14. Favorite yaoi doujinshi(s)/artists(s) ?
All Kuroshitsuji Doujinshi by Pink no Koneko!! The art is fantastic, they actually got plots, and the scenes are so creative!! 

Wheeey, have a smexii time with this~ ^w^

I’m going “to sleep” now,so…( ofc not, I’m going to bed with mah sexi butler Sebastian[played by May-Chan] and do anything but sleeping )

Gooooooooood night



Evanescence is BACK! :’D <3

After 5 years, my beloved Evanescence is finally back again!!!!
Oh, how I have been waiting for this
One week ago, they released their third studio album, Evanescence 
So ofc, now I’m gonna post it!

1. What You Want
2. Made Of Stone
3. The Change
4. My Heart Is Broken
5. The Other Side
6. Erase This
7.  Lost In Paradise
8. Sick
9. End Of The Dream
10.  Oceans
11. Never Go Back
12. Swimming Home
13. New Way To Bleed(Bonus Track)
14. Say You Will(Bonus Track)
15. Disappear(Bonus Track)
16. Secret Door(Bonus Track)

Lyrics can be found here


Unfortunately, I only found torrents for the album. If there’s anyone who want to download via a direct link, feel free to tell me, and I will search one more time ^_^ (or upload myself)

I just had to post this photo of them, it’s so awesome!
As in almost every other band, members come and go, and that’s some of the things Evanescence’s been going through the last years. But the current, awesome members now are:(from left) Will Hunt, drummer – Terry Balsamo, guitarist – Tim McCord, bassist – Troy McLawhorn and in front – the one and only Amy Lee!

So, what do I think of this album…hmm…I love it, of course!(there’s never an “of course” to anything) BUT(there’s always a “but”), this is not exactly what I expected…I guess…they haven’t done much of this style before, but it suits them anyway, whitout doubt! And 95%(or so) of the album is this hard rock-style…not that I mind, I just think it’s kinda..monotonous? I just expected more of the good, old style, that’s all 🙂 
On the other hand, this album shows us fans what the band, including Amy, have been through, and it shows how strong they’ve become!
Also, I’ve listened through the whole album only once, and I usually start to love albums more and more after I’ve heard it a couple of times 😉 so far my favorite songs are Disappear(no surprise, really, since the band’s name means “to disappear”) and Secret Door(it sounds just like the background song in Kuroshitsuji II, the piano song used in the last episodes! It’s almost scary)

Despite my critique, this is something I definetely recommend! Both for Evanescence fans and to those who like classic hard rock with a taste of gothic amazingness(her voice) ^^,
So please listen to this album(and the rest of their work) and please support the band by buying the CD!!! (am going to do it myself as soon as a store nearby gets the CD)

Another random thing I want to share, which got nothing to do with this, is that I’ve finally changed the icon for my blog(it’s not very easy to see what it is, so I’m considering changing it), and I’ve finally changed theme(Dusk to Dawn)
A header is only what’s left, and I’m going to make one as soon as I get time AND remember it. Hm, I kinda wanted to show my new icon, since I really like the picture, ’cause it’s hard to see it when it’s small, and because I made the rose blue(was originally red) ^.^

That’s it for now, have a nice weekend, and I’ll see you soon~
(I’m going to make a new “end-picture” too)

More photos from Coscon~

Okay, it’s official now, I’M A BIG LIAR! 
It’s because I’m Ciel Phantomhive, and he’s one hell of a liar  
Which reminds me~!!
 The new chapter of Kuroshitsuji came out today, KYYYYAAAAAAAH!  (sorry if I spoiled anyone[already too late])
Hihi, I couldn’t wait any longer when I just remembered it, so I started reading it on my computer in the middle of science lesson! ^w^’

BUT, that was not the point…point was(and still is, I guess), I was going to post more photos from Coscon. Sweet, little KiwiFruit(love the name!) wanted to see more, so… 
Reason why I haven’t done it earlier is because stress and school decided to gather and take over my life(in other words, same old story)…
When I went through the pictures I took that day, however, I realized I hadn’t taken many O.O so I’m gonna post links to other Coscon albums in addition 

Well, here you go~

That was actually everything from me ^^’
But it’s not over! Here are some links for more~

Photobucket 1

Photobucket 2

Yweas World(blog) Part 1

Yweas World(blog) Part 2 

The last one is from the photoshoot at the con with a professional photographer ^w^ 
Foto: Frida Tørring/Forward Motion

Also, I found a gathering picture taken that day

Now you got lots of awesome stuff to stare and scream at, KiwiFruit  everyone else interested, too!
Sigh, there’s still a lot of stuff I wanna blog about, but the internet at home still sucks(obviously not at home now)!, and I forget to do it at school 
Oh well, reality’s cruel DIE REALITY!

Ma, ja ne~ 


*The title is supposed to make you think of the song Freedom by Aretha Franklin*

YEY, school’s over soon! 30 mins left TwT
As you may have figured out, school’s trying to take over my life! And it has almost succeed…so I may be even less on my blog than ever D’:
But I’ll try to manage my time so I can both be a good girl at school and blog often AND do lots of random bullshit at the internet -w-

Anyways, I’ll be back when I get home, ’cause I got lots of things to blog about and stuff 😀

Oh, by the way! Try Lipton Ice Tea Green Tea with lemon, it’s so damn delicious! *drinking it right now~*

See you soon~


Riiiiiight, so I didn’t get to blog about Coscon here the other day either…
Yeah, yeah, lies ftw, let’s move on now! Doesn’t matter when I post it, right?

Now let’s talk about awesome: One week ago(1th October), the day I’d been waiting for so long finally arrived; Coscon! (CosplayCon) It’s a convention that gathers all manga-, anime-, Japan-, sci-fi-, and fantasy-fans with the main focus on cosplaying I’m a cowboy…and here’s my horses!
No no, I’m just kidding X’D (I’m watching TV too much) Those were my stalkers that day(we were the coolest group there, I swear!) From left to right: Me(tried to look superior like Ciel, but failed), Lena(my childhood friend. She didn’t cosplay anyone, but she borrowed my ponytails, and we decided that she was Ciel’s sister!), Edda(my supercute wifey :D) and Mathias(a guy we met at the con, who started stalking us after a while) I got to take a single shot too Again, I tried to look cool and superior at the same time, but I feel I failed a little bit again… Here’s also some pictures I took that day:

4: I think those soot balls(from one of my favorite movies, Spirited Away) were the most awesome cosplayers there! It’s genius!
5: Haha, I just had to post our failed picture! We tried to pose like Mathias does, but Edda came and interrupted
On top of that, the batteries in my camera stopped working right then, so we didn’t get to take a new picture…
6/7: There were pro make-up artists there, who made wounds and stuff, so Edda got a bleeding wound and Lena got a vampire bit  I didn’t get anything, ’cause none of them were free for me when it was my turn-ish…
8/9: Friends
10: I got to know the only Ikuto there, and when we were talking, Amu-Chan suddenly showed up, so I asked if I could take a pic of them. Because I LIVE and DIE for AMUTO
11: Me and my Ciel twin! So cool I found someone who looked just like me, just much prettier

More photos were taken that day, but I’m too lazy to post more
If you wanna see more, just search “coscon”,”2011″,”bilder(pictures)”,”pictures” etc. You can search on youtube too.
Okay, and I know this post’s starting to get REALLY long, but I just wanna show you what I bought
Then I’ll finish up!
A black rock shooter mousepad(with nice and soft breasts ^^), Sebastian’s watch!, and a pen and ribbon for supporting the fight against Breast Cancer…and some other stuff :3
Kuroshitsuji and Shugo Chara pendants

 Cool! Nails with L, Sebastian, Ciel, Ikuto, Amu and Yoru on

An awesome jacket/bolero-like thing and en epic hat I bought more stuff, but this was the most important things…

NOW I’M TIRED OF THIS, it’ve taken hours, SO I SAY THE END HERE! If there’s actually someone who’s desperate for more(I know there’s not), then just ask, and I’ll post more 

Please enjoy and HAIL THE AWESOMENESS, and I’ll see you again real soon(hopefully tomorrow) 

Until then  <–my drunken sake guy

Brrrrrowniiiiiieeeeeeees OwO

Yes, again, there’s been a little while since last time, BUT…I do have a little busy life -.- (or so I’d like to think)

So now I just dropped by to say “hi”, so HEEEEYAAAAA !!!
*am seriously considering using the smileys from Nihonomaru, ’cause ordinary smileys are boring*
Anyways, I’m at my stephsister’s place now, eating <3BROWNIES<3, drinking delicious <3COKE<3 and getting ready for watching <3DESPICABLE ME<3 (‘sup with the hearts? O_o)
And tomorrow I’m going to blog for real, starting with telling about my day at Coscon

(a convention I’ve mentioned earlier), it was SO AWESOME!

I’m also going to post pictures and stuff…

That was pretty much it…for now…so I’ll see you tomorrow? 🙂
See? How can I see you, the heck?! XD

Riiiiight, BAIBAI