Riiiiiight, so I didn’t get to blog about Coscon here the other day either…
Yeah, yeah, lies ftw, let’s move on now! Doesn’t matter when I post it, right?

Now let’s talk about awesome: One week ago(1th October), the day I’d been waiting for so long finally arrived; Coscon! (CosplayCon) It’s a convention that gathers all manga-, anime-, Japan-, sci-fi-, and fantasy-fans with the main focus on cosplaying I’m a cowboy…and here’s my horses!
No no, I’m just kidding X’D (I’m watching TV too much) Those were my stalkers that day(we were the coolest group there, I swear!) From left to right: Me(tried to look superior like Ciel, but failed), Lena(my childhood friend. She didn’t cosplay anyone, but she borrowed my ponytails, and we decided that she was Ciel’s sister!), Edda(my supercute wifey :D) and Mathias(a guy we met at the con, who started stalking us after a while) I got to take a single shot too Again, I tried to look cool and superior at the same time, but I feel I failed a little bit again… Here’s also some pictures I took that day:

4: I think those soot balls(from one of my favorite movies, Spirited Away) were the most awesome cosplayers there! It’s genius!
5: Haha, I just had to post our failed picture! We tried to pose like Mathias does, but Edda came and interrupted
On top of that, the batteries in my camera stopped working right then, so we didn’t get to take a new picture…
6/7: There were pro make-up artists there, who made wounds and stuff, so Edda got a bleeding wound and Lena got a vampire bit  I didn’t get anything, ’cause none of them were free for me when it was my turn-ish…
8/9: Friends
10: I got to know the only Ikuto there, and when we were talking, Amu-Chan suddenly showed up, so I asked if I could take a pic of them. Because I LIVE and DIE for AMUTO
11: Me and my Ciel twin! So cool I found someone who looked just like me, just much prettier

More photos were taken that day, but I’m too lazy to post more
If you wanna see more, just search “coscon”,”2011″,”bilder(pictures)”,”pictures” etc. You can search on youtube too.
Okay, and I know this post’s starting to get REALLY long, but I just wanna show you what I bought
Then I’ll finish up!
A black rock shooter mousepad(with nice and soft breasts ^^), Sebastian’s watch!, and a pen and ribbon for supporting the fight against Breast Cancer…and some other stuff :3
Kuroshitsuji and Shugo Chara pendants

 Cool! Nails with L, Sebastian, Ciel, Ikuto, Amu and Yoru on

An awesome jacket/bolero-like thing and en epic hat I bought more stuff, but this was the most important things…

NOW I’M TIRED OF THIS, it’ve taken hours, SO I SAY THE END HERE! If there’s actually someone who’s desperate for more(I know there’s not), then just ask, and I’ll post more 

Please enjoy and HAIL THE AWESOMENESS, and I’ll see you again real soon(hopefully tomorrow) 

Until then  <–my drunken sake guy


3 thoughts on “HAIL THE AWESOMENESS!!!

  1. Here I tried using almost only smileys from Nihonomaru’s forum page…which made posting this take twice as long as it usually takes, BUT(there’s always a but) I think it’s more funnier using smileys like this, ’cause I’m tired of ordinary smileys 😦
    This also makes it easier for me to express my feelings 😀
    So I guess I’ll use both ordinary and image smileys…

  2. KiwiFruit says:

    Wow, I feel weird posting when so far I admit I’ve just been lurking (that sounded creepier than it was supposed to OrZ…) but… I’d really be interested in seeing more pictures and stuff from coscon! It’s so rare for me to actually get to go to a con myself, and it’s always great to find pictures of good cosplay like the ones here!
    So yeah, I’d really love to see some more, if possible :3
    Love the Ciel cosplay, can I just say XD (I myself intended to go to a con earlier this year with my friend and we were going to cosplay Kuroshitsuji (me as Ciel, her as Grell and another friend as Sebastian), but my part-time job got in the way ;___;)
    …Yeah, sorry, you don’t need my life story XD Nice blog~

  3. Nooo, I need your life story NOOOOW! XD
    Wheeeeey, I got a stalker!! (THAT at least sounds creepier than it was meant to be 😉 )
    It pleases me very much to you like my blog 😀 and trust me, I’m a little lurker,too(unfortunately)…
    How funny it is that you actually wanna see more pictures from my weird life! No no, of course you want more pictures of a con that was SO AWESOME!
    I’m glad that you like my cosplay, too :3

    I’ll try posting more pictures as soon as I can, I think I can manage it today, ‘cayse it’s FIRDAY(Hallelujah <3) and I don't have any plans for the day ^^,

    Sorry for the late reply, too, school's taking over my life DX
    Homework just piles up, and the days are too short -_-
    Oh, I guess you don't need my life story either…wait, you do, since you read my blog! XD
    Haha, I just love my lame jokes…

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