More photos from Coscon~

Okay, it’s official now, I’M A BIG LIAR! 
It’s because I’m Ciel Phantomhive, and he’s one hell of a liar  
Which reminds me~!!
 The new chapter of Kuroshitsuji came out today, KYYYYAAAAAAAH!  (sorry if I spoiled anyone[already too late])
Hihi, I couldn’t wait any longer when I just remembered it, so I started reading it on my computer in the middle of science lesson! ^w^’

BUT, that was not the point…point was(and still is, I guess), I was going to post more photos from Coscon. Sweet, little KiwiFruit(love the name!) wanted to see more, so… 
Reason why I haven’t done it earlier is because stress and school decided to gather and take over my life(in other words, same old story)…
When I went through the pictures I took that day, however, I realized I hadn’t taken many O.O so I’m gonna post links to other Coscon albums in addition 

Well, here you go~

That was actually everything from me ^^’
But it’s not over! Here are some links for more~

Photobucket 1

Photobucket 2

Yweas World(blog) Part 1

Yweas World(blog) Part 2 

The last one is from the photoshoot at the con with a professional photographer ^w^ 
Foto: Frida Tørring/Forward Motion

Also, I found a gathering picture taken that day

Now you got lots of awesome stuff to stare and scream at, KiwiFruit  everyone else interested, too!
Sigh, there’s still a lot of stuff I wanna blog about, but the internet at home still sucks(obviously not at home now)!, and I forget to do it at school 
Oh well, reality’s cruel DIE REALITY!

Ma, ja ne~ 


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