Kuroshitsuji OVA – Spider’s Intention

Wait, whaaaat, a new Kuroshitsuji OVA? O_o

Appearantly it’s about Alois and his mansion…..I’ve just downloaded it, but haven’t watched it yet…
Well, I’m happy that I get to see Alois and his slutty awesomeness again, but I don’t wanna see Claude 
I bet he’s going to do gay stuff, and keep being a Sebastian-wannabe, and it freaks me out O_O it’s creepy….
(If I haven’t mentioned it before, I really really hate Claude, but I’m not going any longer than that, because haters are hated)

I wonder what it’s about…probably sometime before the second season…

I’m looking forward to watch it, though


Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 Episode 4!

THIS POST CONTAINS YAOI! IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IS IS, GO SEARCH ON GOOGLE(or you can screw Google and ask me), AND BE PREPARED FOR SOME MINDFUCK, in either a good way or a bad way. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ^_^

Sudden increase of pictures ftw!

So here’s the continuation from last time…
Kyyaah, Chiaki and Tori did something (I have to admit, my imagination started running wild)
But, uhm…more importantly, the plot! (which does not please me in a certain way)
Chiaki’s finally done with a manuscript, so he’s got some free time, lucky bastard. He ends up making some plans with Tori, but in the end, it gets cancelled. Tori couldn’t make it. Chiaki then takes a walk in the city, buying the Kan x3 and of course spots Tori with another woman! *sigh* It’s classic, but it’s so done before  many times before. It works in some way, though O_o stupid ukes
So Chiaki gets angry, and runs over to Yuu’s house, which is BIG…NOOOOOOO!
Stupid Chiaki, it’s so obvious what’s going to happen to you!! *kinda annoyed*
Haha, but I just had to post the shot of when Chiaki splashes (?) out his beer, I love when people do that >w<
Yeah, so Yuu confesses for a second time…and kisses Chiaki!! NOOOOOO!  (I bet you liked that, you damn bastard Yuu!) and he actually think that he’s better suited for Chiaki than Tori and even suggestes sleeping together…yeah, you wish!!
But what comes now is actually the part…I…hate? I don’t know…thing is, Yuu starts to cry, because he can’t be good enough for Chiaki, and he says that he’s been in love with him since their first meet(THEY WERE SO CUTE) *buhu* I felt so sorry for him! why is it always that it’s so easy to sympathize with characters once they start to cry? *kinda annoyed that I felt sorry for him o3o*
Anyway, Tori shows up(finally?) and wants to beat the crap out of Yuu, but fortunately he doesn’t. No, I don’t hate Yuu, I just don’t want him clinging on Chiaki. They leave, ends up at Chiaki’s place, and somehow they got to make a happy ending for them after all…suddenly it was all about them, Chiaki kinda confesses , and they kiss! How did it turn out like that?
And how come their kisses always look like that, I really wonder…

Uhm, yeah, here’s my thoughts! ‘cause Iiiiiiii’m a cowboy!
I’m trying to make time for the other episodes, but as alwyas, I appearantly have a busy life 




I think this must be the best chapter so far(without thinking through the chapters), so much SebastianxCiel smex I almost couldn’t stand it I fangirl-screamed on every page and I can totally survive on this service for a month, really, honestly!
Omg, I can’t get over it, HE KISSED HIS HAND!!!!!!!!


Oh yeah, I’ve seen BATMAN LIVE! Like, the real thing! That’s what I call something to brag about: “Oh yeah? well, I’VE seen Batman i real life. The Joker, too. And Harley Quinn. Catwoman, too. And everyone else from Gotham City! >:3” Hahaha, I sound like I have no life…I don’t think I have one, either…

Point is: I watched Batman Live Tour on Saturday, and it was AWESOME! (for what other reason would I talk about it, duh)
I went with my friend Lena, we were so excited we almost died 

I couldn’t take pictures of the scene, though, but I found a picture with the actors:
(I also noticed that if you just search “batman live” on Google, you’ll see pictures from earlier shows, because Google’s got the answers for an-y-thing!)

Like I said, it was such an amazing show!!
They were literally flying(woohoo), lots of acrobatic stuff(got it?) which were really impressive and there was magic! MAGIC TRICKS, ohmygoooooood *o* there were two, actually, and we figured out how one of them worked, but we couldn’t figure out the last one. We were trying really hard, too! But then I said:”C’mon, it’s fun to spoil it all! It’s more fun if it keeps being a mystery ;D” so we gave it up and just enjoyed it XD
And it was in English, hallelujah! XD I love English, and the show would definetely be lame if it was on Norwegian…Norwegian’s lame…plus, the actor’s were good, they did a great job with the characters ^^
I also bought some souvernires:


Sorry for the bad quality, my camera decided to try being a rebel…

Anyways, just a shirt as a proof and some cool buttons 🙂
I bought one more thing that day too, and I just wanted to show it ’cause…it’s cute, and hopefully I’ll cause some jealousy out there…dream on, girl! 


My first coat from RQ-BL, which is supercute! I’ve got this plan, you see, to buy coats from RQ-BL, Bodyline etc. for the winter, so I can look supercute. I’m wearing it right now, I feel like a fluffy bunny :3 so fluffy I’m gonna die…
Because you probably don’t give a damn…

And, to make more nonsense, I got this package here the other day…I knew what it was, but packages are fun exciting, right? OwO


OMG, the new book, nr. 6, from the Skulduggery Pleasant series!!! I can’t  wait to read it!(I’m reading the 5th now)

This is my absolute favorite book series, it’s so damn epic!  You probably haven’t heard about(unless you live in the UK), but I really recommend it!  If you love fantasy, of course. I’m planning on making a post about it sometime, ’cause this series needs attention and more fans.
Haha, at first, btw, I thought I’d got the wrong book ’cause the backside was facing  me when I opened it 

That’s finally it, hope you enjoyed my random nonsense!
And as soon as school stops taking over my life, I’ll be back with some smexii Sekaiichi stuff~
‘Cause stuff is awesome

Yousei Teikoku – Kuusou Mesorogiwi Single

Yes, as I said(or rather screamed) yesterday, A NEW SINGLE FROM THE MOST GORGEOUS BAND EVER HAS BEEN RELEASED 
(it’s actually been out for a while now, but I didn’t found out until three days ago)

1. Kuusou Mesorogiwi
2. The Creator
3. Kuusou Mesorogiwi (Instrumental)
4. The Creator (Instrumental)

~Download Link~

~Download Torrent~

YEEEEEY, finally the full version of The Creator is out! How I’ve been waiting for this. The new song Kuusou Mesorogiwi is amazing too, I fell in love with it at the first listen  And the PV is so awesome too, I think it’s the best(or at least one of the) music video they’ve ever made. I tried translating the title, using both my dictionary and google, but I couldn’t find anything on “mesorogiwi” O_O
It’s just translated as “fantasy mesorogiwi”…weird…
The single is epic anyways, I really think this is on of their best singles, both songs are classic YT, so powerful and beautiful
I also watched the opening for the anime this song is used for, it’s really cool, and it actually made me wanna post it. It also made me wanna watch the anime, Mirai Nikki, it’s brand new, and looks really cool    (the only reason it looks cool is because there lots of blood in it)

I also found a download link for the PV with a great quality, you can download it here
Here’s the opening for the anime Mirai Nikki, which I think can recommended. Without having watched it or even read about the whole plot, really.

Cool, right?
So please enjoy~

Now I’m going to keep drooling over the awesome clothes from Bodyline I’m saving up for, while drinking damn delicious coke, and watching Batman: The Dark Knight on TV  Kyah, the best Joker!!