Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 Episode 1!

THIS POST CONTAINS YAOI! IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IS IS, GO SEARCH ON GOOGLE(or you can screw Google and ask me), AND BE PREPARED FOR SOME MINDFUCK, in either a good way or a bad way. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ^_^


Wheeey, Sekaiichi is airing again~
It’s been airing for a while now, but finally I got to write down some thoughts…go thoughts!!

This time, though, I’m going to do it a little different…much simpler, you could say, than last time
I’m just going to write all my thoughts down, and just post some pictures(the ones I feel like posting) 🙂

Like this~:

 «A good beginning makes a good ending», huh? Well that is true, and it’s a good title for the first episode (too bad the so-called «ending» for the 1st season wasn’t that good, right? Haha! [The episode itself wasn’t bad, but it’s not an «ending», and I bet it confused the fans who hadn’t read the manga]) MISAKI AND RITSU ON THE SAME SCREEN, YEEEY, FINALLY 
So the it just continues from the last time, with the same old story. Ritsu’s got a though time at work, Yokozawa still thinks he can do as he pleases, and keeps bitching around, thinking so highly of himself, and this time, Ritsu comes over to Takano-San’s place 
They drink, Ritsu gets seriously drunk(omg, a drunk Ritsu, how lovely~), stuff happens~, and Ritsu don’t remember a shit the morning after!(brilliant!) I like this moment very much (don’t I like all their moments very much, lol?), ‘cause Ritsu’s being almost completely honest about his feelings,  stuff happens(stuff ftw), and they call each other «senpai» and «Ritsu»
KYAH, I LOVE their story from high school!!(I actually love it more than the present story, haha) 
Anyways, Ritsu does get suspicions, and I do think that the fact that his body is covered with hickeys and his hips hurts, should be enough proof to convince him! But no, he’s forcing himself to believe it was all just a dream. If you really wanna know what happened, Ritsu, I got it all here on my IPhone~  (I got a manga app)
Oh right, the opening was the most sparkling thing I’ve ever seen! I think it’s even more sparkling than Edward Cullen, dammit! 
Haha, I wonder why yaoi openings are even more sparkling than shoujo animes? XD oh well, it makes a good laugh  both the opening and ending was cute, and Twinkle did a great job dancing around in both!

Wohooo, lots of thoughts, have fun!


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