Oh yeah, I’ve seen BATMAN LIVE! Like, the real thing! That’s what I call something to brag about: “Oh yeah? well, I’VE seen Batman i real life. The Joker, too. And Harley Quinn. Catwoman, too. And everyone else from Gotham City! >:3” Hahaha, I sound like I have no life…I don’t think I have one, either…

Point is: I watched Batman Live Tour on Saturday, and it was AWESOME! (for what other reason would I talk about it, duh)
I went with my friend Lena, we were so excited we almost died 

I couldn’t take pictures of the scene, though, but I found a picture with the actors:
(I also noticed that if you just search “batman live” on Google, you’ll see pictures from earlier shows, because Google’s got the answers for an-y-thing!)

Like I said, it was such an amazing show!!
They were literally flying(woohoo), lots of acrobatic stuff(got it?) which were really impressive and there was magic! MAGIC TRICKS, ohmygoooooood *o* there were two, actually, and we figured out how one of them worked, but we couldn’t figure out the last one. We were trying really hard, too! But then I said:”C’mon, it’s fun to spoil it all! It’s more fun if it keeps being a mystery ;D” so we gave it up and just enjoyed it XD
And it was in English, hallelujah! XD I love English, and the show would definetely be lame if it was on Norwegian…Norwegian’s lame…plus, the actor’s were good, they did a great job with the characters ^^
I also bought some souvernires:


Sorry for the bad quality, my camera decided to try being a rebel…

Anyways, just a shirt as a proof and some cool buttons 🙂
I bought one more thing that day too, and I just wanted to show it ’cause…it’s cute, and hopefully I’ll cause some jealousy out there…dream on, girl! 


My first coat from RQ-BL, which is supercute! I’ve got this plan, you see, to buy coats from RQ-BL, Bodyline etc. for the winter, so I can look supercute. I’m wearing it right now, I feel like a fluffy bunny :3 so fluffy I’m gonna die…
Because you probably don’t give a damn…

And, to make more nonsense, I got this package here the other day…I knew what it was, but packages are fun exciting, right? OwO


OMG, the new book, nr. 6, from the Skulduggery Pleasant series!!! I can’t  wait to read it!(I’m reading the 5th now)

This is my absolute favorite book series, it’s so damn epic!  You probably haven’t heard about(unless you live in the UK), but I really recommend it!  If you love fantasy, of course. I’m planning on making a post about it sometime, ’cause this series needs attention and more fans.
Haha, at first, btw, I thought I’d got the wrong book ’cause the backside was facing  me when I opened it 

That’s finally it, hope you enjoyed my random nonsense!
And as soon as school stops taking over my life, I’ll be back with some smexii Sekaiichi stuff~
‘Cause stuff is awesome


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