This Christmas…


Wow, I can’t believe how fast Christmas came around, and soon it’s over! Well, it won’t end that fast, my holiday lasts for another week and a half, and then there’s the New Year’s eve 😀
The big day for me was yesterday, ’cause here in Norway we have our “Christmas Eve” on the  24th, mwihi ^w^
And the day couldn’t be more perfect, as always! I have yet not experienced a bad 24th of December, actually uhm, like that’s something to brag over or somethin’?
I watched epic Disney on the TV, recieved many wonderful gifts-I also gave away some nice ones myself-, ate lots of good food, and had the greatest time with my family 

Here’s some of the gifts I recieved: a little pocket Japanese dictionary(I love it, I can take it with everywhere I go), a Panda hat, the movie Black Swan, Hello Kitty stuff, I adore Hello Kitty for some reason) and How To Draw manga books. The drawing books were my “favorites” :3

Sooo…today I’ve just relaxed all day long, looking for things to spend some of the money I got on
I ended up buying a pair of shoes and gloves from Bodyline 

Haha, I’ve been drooling over those shoes for a long time, and soon I can wear them
But the heels are damn high, 12 cm! Pft, I’ll nail them, there’s not a thing I can’t overcome 

Anyways, I hope everyone else out there have had a great Christmas time so far(I know many people haven’t, ’cause the world’s unfair), and I just hope you’ll still have a good Christmas ^_^ 

Lots of Free Hugs from Moonlight Marionette~


On This Cold December Night~

aka my holiday started today :3

So after a half years damn hard work(which’ve really paid off, luckily), I’m finally home so I can RELAX until I get tired of it 
Now I’m gonna wrap up the presents for my friends, and Usa-Chan’s gonna help me!
Right, I haven’t got to share this yet, but there was this girl who sew me an Usa-Chan, Honey-Senpai’s bunny from Ouran Host Club, ’cause I’m going to cosplay him in the future~
and my friend May-Chan’s going to be Mori-Senpai *thumbs up*

 Anyways, I’ve been looking so much forward to the holidays, ’cause school’s been exhausting, and I just love Christmas so much ^^
(no, I’m not Christian or anything, I just love Christmas time)

Here’s where Usa-Chan and I will be working(the kitchen)
We’ll listen to lovely Michael Buble and his Christmas album and I’ll probably have some Christmas soda too~
Michael Buble is not the first artist I’d listen to on a normal Wednesday, though I don’t have anything against him, his music is just not my type. Usually. But this is not any other usual Wednesday, and I fell in love with his Christmas album right away! It’s really worth a listen, and it’s really worth buying!
I recommend to anyone, actually, you’ll most likely like it no matter what kind of music you usually listen to.
My favortie song on the album is Cold December Night, just so you know it 🙂

Again, just keep on having a great Christmas~

Until next time, then

Sick = Meme!

THIS POST CONTAINS YAOI! IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IS IS, GO SEARCH ON GOOGLE(or you can screw Google and ask me), AND BE PREPARED FOR SOME MINDFUCK, in either a good way or a bad way. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ^_^

My first meme! And it’s a screenshot meme too, with Junjou Romantica ^w^
‘Cause I’m gonna help Bri take over Deviantart with her screenshot meme!
I posted this as a “celebration” for my new Deviantart account. And because when you’re sick, you have to do a meme. So me was sick yesterday… >_>
Oh, and if you actually wanna stalk my DA account, go here

Well, Happy Snowing December, everyone~
Mmmmm, cocoa


HIIIIIIII, long time no see, blog! I haven’t been here since….what, November 25?! 
Damn you, school, it’s all your fault! You’re killing me  (but I swear, one day, I’m gonna kill back)

So it’s already December, eh? YEY! I love December!(who doesn’t?[okay, there’s surprisingly lots of people in the world who hates Christmas])
I think this is going to be my busiest December ever, though, considering the school likes to own my life…at least we won’t have lots of exams this  we’re only going to have two, while everyone else’s got like…four or five? Lucky!

Ohmigod, y’know what I just did? I spilled,no, I SPAT milk all over my computer!  I was eating my breakfast, and drank some milk at the same time, and appearantly, that wasn’t a very good idea, ’cause I tried to swallow, and I failed, so I spat milk -through my hand- over my computer…
That was today’s lesson: NEVER DRINK MILK WHEN YOU’RE AT THE COMPUTER! (the lesson is supposed to be “never drink or eat while you’re sitting on the computer, though)

Enough about that, December means a Christmas calendar, right? 😀 there won’t be any December or Christmas without a calendar! What kind of calendar you have is up to you, though, but usually you have chocolate, right?
Up until this year, my mom and I(and after some years my stephdad too) have always had a calendar filled with gifts~ At first, mom made gifts for me for every day of December, but the last two or three years, the three of us’ve shared the gift calendar. In other words, we made gifts for each other, not only me.
However, we decided to stop this year(since I’m already 16 or something), so I bought my own calendar filled with chocolate from Kinder  I LOVE KINDER CHOCOLATE, I was obsessed with it through my whole childhood(still kinda is):

And this is what I’ve recieved so far(why the hell am I posting it anyway?):

On the 1st December: A mini Kinder

On the 2nd December: Two Schoko-Bons

On the 3rd December: A Bear

On the 4th December: A mini Kinder, again

And as if that wasn’t enough, mom bought a few more calendars:

Mom bought four more for us XD she got the one below from work or something…so the three to the left are one for each of us, and we “share” the one to the right…and they’re all…what should I call it, scratchcards? Point is that you scratch on a image every day, and you’re supposed to collect certain images so you can win money. If none of this give us some money, I’m gonna sue the comapny, really XD

But where is the snow?! There’s no snow outside! On the contrary, it looks like it’s summer  the sun is shining and there’s no freakin’ signs of snowing…I hope it starts to snow soon…oh well, at least it’s snowing on my blog, yey 
Despite the summer scenario outside, I’m really in a Christmas mood this days ^^ I’m thinking about Christmas every day now…
Which reminds me, my friend Mona and I made some gingerbreads here the other day:

The ones above are the ones I decorated, and the ones below Mona decorated 🙂
Btw, this morning, my mom asked me if she could take the ones I’d decorated to work and share with the employers. At first I though: “Um, did you ever consider that I wanted those for myself? I mean, I decorated them, y’know. And there’s lots of undecorated gingerbreads left, why won’t you take them?”. Instead, I answered: “Uhm, I guess…” and was kinda carefree to it…must still’ve been tired  Now I regret it, ’cause I really wanted them for myself. Oh well, as mentioned, there’s still lots of undecorated left, I can decorate them and eat those…and there’s still much dough left, so I can always make more….

(failed) Shugo Chara gingerbreads~

A snowman?

Hehe, a Hard Rock Café guitar!

 I was planning on posting something every day, like a calendar, and every day I’d recommend something I like. A song, band, picture, anime, manga, TV-show, anything! Guess it didn’t work after all 
However, if the school actually decides to slow down a little bit with the homework, I can do it! it’ll be just a little late start.

Now I’m tired of this  that was goddamn long post! but that was pretty much it, I’ll come back as soon as I can~
Happy December everyone, see you soon~