On This Cold December Night~

aka my holiday started today :3

So after a half years damn hard work(which’ve really paid off, luckily), I’m finally home so I can RELAX until I get tired of it 
Now I’m gonna wrap up the presents for my friends, and Usa-Chan’s gonna help me!
Right, I haven’t got to share this yet, but there was this girl who sew me an Usa-Chan, Honey-Senpai’s bunny from Ouran Host Club, ’cause I’m going to cosplay him in the future~
and my friend May-Chan’s going to be Mori-Senpai *thumbs up*

 Anyways, I’ve been looking so much forward to the holidays, ’cause school’s been exhausting, and I just love Christmas so much ^^
(no, I’m not Christian or anything, I just love Christmas time)

Here’s where Usa-Chan and I will be working(the kitchen)
We’ll listen to lovely Michael Buble and his Christmas album and I’ll probably have some Christmas soda too~
Michael Buble is not the first artist I’d listen to on a normal Wednesday, though I don’t have anything against him, his music is just not my type. Usually. But this is not any other usual Wednesday, and I fell in love with his Christmas album right away! It’s really worth a listen, and it’s really worth buying!
I recommend to anyone, actually, you’ll most likely like it no matter what kind of music you usually listen to.
My favortie song on the album is Cold December Night, just so you know it 🙂

Again, just keep on having a great Christmas~

Until next time, then


2 thoughts on “On This Cold December Night~

  1. Jeg syns du er så flink 🙂
    Håper broren din kommer seg til deg med gaven fra meg og hannah 🙂

    Ha en kjempefin jul lillesøss ❤

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