This Christmas…


Wow, I can’t believe how fast Christmas came around, and soon it’s over! Well, it won’t end that fast, my holiday lasts for another week and a half, and then there’s the New Year’s eve 😀
The big day for me was yesterday, ’cause here in Norway we have our “Christmas Eve” on the  24th, mwihi ^w^
And the day couldn’t be more perfect, as always! I have yet not experienced a bad 24th of December, actually uhm, like that’s something to brag over or somethin’?
I watched epic Disney on the TV, recieved many wonderful gifts-I also gave away some nice ones myself-, ate lots of good food, and had the greatest time with my family 

Here’s some of the gifts I recieved: a little pocket Japanese dictionary(I love it, I can take it with everywhere I go), a Panda hat, the movie Black Swan, Hello Kitty stuff, I adore Hello Kitty for some reason) and How To Draw manga books. The drawing books were my “favorites” :3

Sooo…today I’ve just relaxed all day long, looking for things to spend some of the money I got on
I ended up buying a pair of shoes and gloves from Bodyline 

Haha, I’ve been drooling over those shoes for a long time, and soon I can wear them
But the heels are damn high, 12 cm! Pft, I’ll nail them, there’s not a thing I can’t overcome 

Anyways, I hope everyone else out there have had a great Christmas time so far(I know many people haven’t, ’cause the world’s unfair), and I just hope you’ll still have a good Christmas ^_^ 

Lots of Free Hugs from Moonlight Marionette~


2 thoughts on “This Christmas…

  1. Så mye fint du fikk, omg jeg digger de skoa der! 😀 Når får jeg sett deg i de? 😛

    • Du kommer med så mange gode spørsmål, søss!
      Har ennå ikke fått dem, faktisk(forventer dem i løpet av uka), og vet ikke når jeg kommer til Moss igjen ennå :O
      Satser på neste helg, tenker jeg…jeg får si i fra så fort jeg vet noe, så kan vi forhåpentligvis møtes ^^,

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