Why walking in your shoes when I got my own? ;D

(I have to admit, I really liked my title here, made me feel smart…)

Okay, after waiting 3 months, my shoes are finally here!!

They’re so freakin’ tall! 
I’ve never had shoes with that tall heel, and the heels didn’t appear that tall to me on the pictures
Surprisingly, though, they’re not hard to walk with! Note that I hardly wear high heels, ’cause I suck at walking with them! I guess these are good to practice with, so not anymoar! 

Now you may actually wonder why I had walk around waiting in excitement for so long?
To make it short: the post office sure know how to do their job XD or maybe not? ’cause yesterday when my mom and I went to pick them up, I didn’t bring the note you recieve in your mail box from the office when your package have arrived. I also left my ID in the car, so they couldn’t confirm my identity. Well, my mom showed her ID, payed the fee, and I got my shoes :3
“I guess we just look trustworthy? XD” I just said to my mom afterwards, laughing.

Right, why I had to wait so long…thing is, me and my mom lives at my stephdad’s place, and our names aren’t connected with that adress(now my name are, though). And I of course ordered the package to arrive at our place, ’cause I’ve done it before without any problems. The post office connected my name with the adress, but I still didn’t get it. So Bodyline gave my money back, and I had to order it one more time
Oh, those  were also in the package…


And speaking of shoes, I get these as an early birthday gift from my mom soon

Awesome, right?
Without doubt, this month’s lovely item is: SHOES

Well, I go a week off from school now(YEY), but I still just wanna wish everyone a happy weekend



(proud)Pervert much?

(if you’re a homophobic/don’t like homsexuality, I’d guess you were smart enough to not continue reading in the first place)

People who doesen’t understand what I’m takling about, I suggest you go watch Glee and then come back again ^__^ (especially if you’re a crazy fangirl like me)

OHMIGOD, last night I had a seriously hot dream about Klaine! holy~
I dreamt a lot of other things before that, but suddenly I was watching Glee with two (male)buddies of mine, who’s usually not that comfortable with homosexuality. I seriously don’t understand why I had to watch with those two when I got a thousands of girlfriends who’d love to watch this with me DX
Anyway, we started watching Glee, and very shortly, Klaine appeared, and stuff started to happen (Stuff is awesome)
I won’t tell details, because people read further despite the bold warning they’re given. But if you want the details, just say it, and I’ll tell you ;D (yes, I’m sick, but in my defense, they didn’t go all the way)
I can at least say that there were a lot of kissing~ and too much fangasm for me to handle in my sleep! I fangirl-screamed like crazy, and I remember saying “now I can die happy” XD
Surprisingly, my buddies didn’t say anything at all, and I kinda just ignored them.
Screw my phone for waking me from my fangirl overload dream!!
But oh how happy I am to be able to have those smexy pictures in my head >w<

And of course, today when I was going to watch the next episode of Glee(I’m on season 2), it was the one were Klaine was created! And omg, the kiss, the kissES!! I never get tired of that scene, and I really had to pause it and do lots of Stuff to recover from my big awesomestruck XD

Oh, I guess I haven’t got to tell you this yet, but I’ve become Glee addicted and Klaine obsessed

Wow, this post endes way longer than I intended it to be O.O
Well, have a NICE WEEKEND everyone, I know I will ^.~
Btw, yesterday was definetely my lucky day! :’D

How can you not worship this couple, it’s so cute I can’t stand it!

On this Journey of Mine

The enchanting music in my ears which takes over every bone in my body and every thought in my head. The strong scent I breath in coming from my mysterious mom, and my book with the quiet fighting scene and it’s stiff feeling which makes you feel unmovable. Anytime the enemy can make a big move. The warmth that embraces me in this cold land. The sky so far away, yet so close.

That beautiful voice, that sweet poison, that upbuilding excitement, that comforting warmth and that pink sunset. They all possess me on my way to this unfamiliar place I’m heading to, leaving me haunted by this small, weird feeling of happiness.

(wow, that sounded way more dramatic and fantasy-like than it really is. *if you don’t want to “destroy” that mysterious feeling I hopefully gave you by reading this, don’t read any further*
What I really am doing is sitting in a warm car with my mom(who’s painting her nails[in a car!]) and stephdad, we’re on our way to some friends who just moved to a new place. At the same time I’m reading my favorite book series, Skulduggery Pleasant, and listening to one of my favorite bands, Yousei Teikoku…impressive?[no]
But that’s just how I feel right now, really)