And so yesterdays big excitement became the big disapointment of the day just like that XD

HeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEYYYYY long title!!

I may have overdone that title a little, but I couldn’t help but feel a little bit disapointed when I visited the post office yesterday…
Or rather, I was feeling like this

So, the day before yesterday I recieved a note about the arrival of something I’d ordered from Japan. After calling the post office almost two weeks ago about the shoes I ordered right after Christmas, I thought:”FINALLY, my shoes are here!!”
So yesterday I was sooo happy and sooo excited about getting my shoes after school, and so when I got there and it was finally my turn, I GOT ANOTHER PACKAGE…
Inside I was just like:”Aaaaaahw :/“, and I almost showed it to the lady 
And the custom! The custom I had to pay when it arrived, it killed me DX I’ve ordered one more thing plus the shoes, too, so I’ll probably become broke because of the customs only ._.

Anyways, what I did get yesterday was*drumroll ofc*:

Yousei Teikoku’s live DVD Tokusai Koshiki Shikiten, OMG! I’ve been longing for this for so long 
I still haven’t got to watch it yet, though, going to do it this weekend…hoho, a YT live concert in my own living room, brilliant 

Well, so now I have to call those stupid people again and ask:”Where the hell is mah shoes?!”
Okay, first of all: I’m not going to say that, and two: I just said to myself:”Why the hell should my stalking strangers care about that? O_o


Nevermind, that was it, and now I’m outta here~



(proud)Pervert much?

(if you’re a homophobic/don’t like homsexuality, I’d guess you were smart enough to not continue reading in the first place)

People who doesen’t understand what I’m takling about, I suggest you go watch Glee and then come back again ^__^ (especially if you’re a crazy fangirl like me)

OHMIGOD, last night I had a seriously hot dream about Klaine! holy~
I dreamt a lot of other things before that, but suddenly I was watching Glee with two (male)buddies of mine, who’s usually not that comfortable with homosexuality. I seriously don’t understand why I had to watch with those two when I got a thousands of girlfriends who’d love to watch this with me DX
Anyway, we started watching Glee, and very shortly, Klaine appeared, and stuff started to happen (Stuff is awesome)
I won’t tell details, because people read further despite the bold warning they’re given. But if you want the details, just say it, and I’ll tell you ;D (yes, I’m sick, but in my defense, they didn’t go all the way)
I can at least say that there were a lot of kissing~ and too much fangasm for me to handle in my sleep! I fangirl-screamed like crazy, and I remember saying “now I can die happy” XD
Surprisingly, my buddies didn’t say anything at all, and I kinda just ignored them.
Screw my phone for waking me from my fangirl overload dream!!
But oh how happy I am to be able to have those smexy pictures in my head >w<

And of course, today when I was going to watch the next episode of Glee(I’m on season 2), it was the one were Klaine was created! And omg, the kiss, the kissES!! I never get tired of that scene, and I really had to pause it and do lots of Stuff to recover from my big awesomestruck XD

Oh, I guess I haven’t got to tell you this yet, but I’ve become Glee addicted and Klaine obsessed

Wow, this post endes way longer than I intended it to be O.O
Well, have a NICE WEEKEND everyone, I know I will ^.~
Btw, yesterday was definetely my lucky day! :’D

How can you not worship this couple, it’s so cute I can’t stand it!

Stepping Into The New Year

Wow, it’s already been 10 days since the new year started. And I’m still not used to the fact that we’re in 2012…I always do that when a new year starts XD

I have a feeling that this year is going to be quite a year! In a good way(don’t we tell ourselves that every year?). It kinda feels like this year is somehow special, ’cause it’s supposed to be “our last year ever”, but that won’t happen(hopefully)
Quite the contrary, this is the year where everything is going to go straight up! To the stars~
For me, that is…it’s my last chance to be a good girl and get good grades in my first year of High School(I still love my HS life!). It’s “the year of cons” here in Norway, there’ll be…5 or 6 cons, and I’m attending all of them except for one. I’m going to drive around with my supercool scooter  I’ll probably get to learn how to play a violin, finally!, I’ve signed up for a course. And I’m going to JAPAN(again) ffs!!! For three weeks! It’s a language travel to Tokyo, I’m going in July 🙂 There’s not a day without me thinking about it, and I almost faint just by the thought 

Well, that’s some of the things that’s going to happen in 2012 for me, and I wonder what kind of other things that’ll happen 
Like I said, I hope and think that this will be a good year.

Now, what about 2011? What kind of year was that??
Without doubt, it was one of my most…emotional years. Maybe the most emotional, too, for what I can remember. In both positive and negative ways, of course. It have felt like my feelings have ridden a rollercoaster inside…. I don’t think I’ve experienced so many different emotions in one year, especially towards my friends. Though most of you don’t stalk my blog(for those who actually do, I really love you for that, in an embarrassing way), I just wanna say that I’m sorry for not acting like myself sometimes, and I feel SO guilty about not getting together with you as much as I wanted because of school!

And of course there’s the horrible terror attack on July 22. My country is still suffering a lot from it, and I’ll probably never forget that day and the sorrowful weeks that followed. You brave souls who fought for a change, may you rest in peace 

However, this year I’ve also experienced a lot of great things! I went to Japan for the first time in my life, I got the drivers license for my scooter, I went to Poland and Germany with my class and visited concentration camps from World War II(that’s not particularly a good thing…), I got lots of new friends, entered High School, got even more addicted on anime/manga/Japan stuff, and learned a lot of new things about myself.

Yeah, this has been a weird year….and it’s funny how you can’t remember all the exciting things you’ve done right away, even if you sit down and look back 

Uhm, well, bottom line is just that…I wanna wish everyone a happy new year, and I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I do ^_^


You are free to post this image on other websites, but you are not allowed to take credits for it. This is my image(though I haven’t put a watermark on it), and that should be noted if you post this anywhere else.

[Not that I’m proud of it or anything]

This Christmas…


Wow, I can’t believe how fast Christmas came around, and soon it’s over! Well, it won’t end that fast, my holiday lasts for another week and a half, and then there’s the New Year’s eve 😀
The big day for me was yesterday, ’cause here in Norway we have our “Christmas Eve” on the  24th, mwihi ^w^
And the day couldn’t be more perfect, as always! I have yet not experienced a bad 24th of December, actually uhm, like that’s something to brag over or somethin’?
I watched epic Disney on the TV, recieved many wonderful gifts-I also gave away some nice ones myself-, ate lots of good food, and had the greatest time with my family 

Here’s some of the gifts I recieved: a little pocket Japanese dictionary(I love it, I can take it with everywhere I go), a Panda hat, the movie Black Swan, Hello Kitty stuff, I adore Hello Kitty for some reason) and How To Draw manga books. The drawing books were my “favorites” :3

Sooo…today I’ve just relaxed all day long, looking for things to spend some of the money I got on
I ended up buying a pair of shoes and gloves from Bodyline 

Haha, I’ve been drooling over those shoes for a long time, and soon I can wear them
But the heels are damn high, 12 cm! Pft, I’ll nail them, there’s not a thing I can’t overcome 

Anyways, I hope everyone else out there have had a great Christmas time so far(I know many people haven’t, ’cause the world’s unfair), and I just hope you’ll still have a good Christmas ^_^ 

Lots of Free Hugs from Moonlight Marionette~

On This Cold December Night~

aka my holiday started today :3

So after a half years damn hard work(which’ve really paid off, luckily), I’m finally home so I can RELAX until I get tired of it 
Now I’m gonna wrap up the presents for my friends, and Usa-Chan’s gonna help me!
Right, I haven’t got to share this yet, but there was this girl who sew me an Usa-Chan, Honey-Senpai’s bunny from Ouran Host Club, ’cause I’m going to cosplay him in the future~
and my friend May-Chan’s going to be Mori-Senpai *thumbs up*

 Anyways, I’ve been looking so much forward to the holidays, ’cause school’s been exhausting, and I just love Christmas so much ^^
(no, I’m not Christian or anything, I just love Christmas time)

Here’s where Usa-Chan and I will be working(the kitchen)
We’ll listen to lovely Michael Buble and his Christmas album and I’ll probably have some Christmas soda too~
Michael Buble is not the first artist I’d listen to on a normal Wednesday, though I don’t have anything against him, his music is just not my type. Usually. But this is not any other usual Wednesday, and I fell in love with his Christmas album right away! It’s really worth a listen, and it’s really worth buying!
I recommend to anyone, actually, you’ll most likely like it no matter what kind of music you usually listen to.
My favortie song on the album is Cold December Night, just so you know it 🙂

Again, just keep on having a great Christmas~

Until next time, then

Sick = Meme!

THIS POST CONTAINS YAOI! IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IS IS, GO SEARCH ON GOOGLE(or you can screw Google and ask me), AND BE PREPARED FOR SOME MINDFUCK, in either a good way or a bad way. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ^_^

My first meme! And it’s a screenshot meme too, with Junjou Romantica ^w^
‘Cause I’m gonna help Bri take over Deviantart with her screenshot meme!
I posted this as a “celebration” for my new Deviantart account. And because when you’re sick, you have to do a meme. So me was sick yesterday… >_>
Oh, and if you actually wanna stalk my DA account, go here

Well, Happy Snowing December, everyone~
Mmmmm, cocoa