Sing “Happy Birthday” and some more~

Hey there! I like your hair. Who does your hair? I wanna go there, sha  (okay, if you actually got that, I love you XD) 

So yesterday was the first day of March! Yippi~
Why, you ask? Because that means spring is here, and it’s also my birthday, actually

It’s also Ryan Peake(member of the awesome band Nickelback)’s birthday Congratulations to you!

Despite this wonderful news?, I’ve actually decided to stop bloging for now. This’ll probably sound more dramatic than it really is, but I’ve been doing some thinking lately, and I realized I wanna take a break from this. Not that this blog’s been my life or anything, I just feel that I got nothing to write about anymore. I just like posting random stuff, and I feel that’s not what a blog is about. Therefore, I’m going to get myself a Tumblr account 😀 
I’ve been considering getting an account there for some time, and of course it has become a trend(here where I live) to be on Tumblr XD
That’s the kind of bloging I want to do, and I think it suits me more, considering I feel I suck at words XD

Now, I know I got lots of readers, some regulars, too, but I honestly don’t think I’m letting anyone down by this. And, if you still wanna stalk me, I’ll update this post when the Tumblr account is created. You can also follow me on Youtube and Deviantart >w<

My tumblr is, feel free to stalk me XD 

So, I guess that’s Goodbye for now, I don’t know when/if I’ll come back…
It’s been fun, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my weird blog ^_^ 



Waiting “patiently” *w*…….C’mon, Kuroshitsuji chapter 63!!!! I know you want to come out!!!!! I’ve been waiting for this for a month, and appearantly, it’s a very damn good chapter!!!! C’MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!

Yui Itsuki is so awesome!

Hii everyone!

I haven’t got to blog all week because I’ve been stucked with homework and schoolstuff XD

But anyways, this may be old news, but I’ve discovered that Yui (vocalist in Yousei Teikoku) is also a seiyu! :O

She’s so cool! I love her tatoo, btw! I want one too :3

She’ve been voicing in many animes already too. Also a video game! And then I also found out that she’s voicing Paula from Kuroshitsuji, my new favorite anime that I’m currently watching

So now I can’t wait to watch Kuroshitsuji later :3  I’m going to watch ep 13 from the first season, btw.

My point is that this proves how awesome Yui is! ^_^ she’s not my favorite vocalist for nothing!

God,my blog still looks so lame,because I haven’t yet discovered how you change color on your blog, how you add an banner OR how you post a profile picture…but I haven’t had time to explore wordpress that much yet. I’ll see if I can find out in the weekend XD

I’m going to bed now (after I’ve watched Kuroshitsuji), so BaiBai!

Mata kitene ^.^