And so yesterdays big excitement became the big disapointment of the day just like that XD

HeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEYYYYY long title!!

I may have overdone that title a little, but I couldn’t help but feel a little bit disapointed when I visited the post office yesterday…
Or rather, I was feeling like this

So, the day before yesterday I recieved a note about the arrival of something I’d ordered from Japan. After calling the post office almost two weeks ago about the shoes I ordered right after Christmas, I thought:”FINALLY, my shoes are here!!”
So yesterday I was sooo happy and sooo excited about getting my shoes after school, and so when I got there and it was finally my turn, I GOT ANOTHER PACKAGE…
Inside I was just like:”Aaaaaahw :/“, and I almost showed it to the lady 
And the custom! The custom I had to pay when it arrived, it killed me DX I’ve ordered one more thing plus the shoes, too, so I’ll probably become broke because of the customs only ._.

Anyways, what I did get yesterday was*drumroll ofc*:

Yousei Teikoku’s live DVD Tokusai Koshiki Shikiten, OMG! I’ve been longing for this for so long 
I still haven’t got to watch it yet, though, going to do it this weekend…hoho, a YT live concert in my own living room, brilliant 

Well, so now I have to call those stupid people again and ask:”Where the hell is mah shoes?!”
Okay, first of all: I’m not going to say that, and two: I just said to myself:”Why the hell should my stalking strangers care about that? O_o


Nevermind, that was it, and now I’m outta here~



On this Journey of Mine

The enchanting music in my ears which takes over every bone in my body and every thought in my head. The strong scent I breath in coming from my mysterious mom, and my book with the quiet fighting scene and it’s stiff feeling which makes you feel unmovable. Anytime the enemy can make a big move. The warmth that embraces me in this cold land. The sky so far away, yet so close.

That beautiful voice, that sweet poison, that upbuilding excitement, that comforting warmth and that pink sunset. They all possess me on my way to this unfamiliar place I’m heading to, leaving me haunted by this small, weird feeling of happiness.

(wow, that sounded way more dramatic and fantasy-like than it really is. *if you don’t want to “destroy” that mysterious feeling I hopefully gave you by reading this, don’t read any further*
What I really am doing is sitting in a warm car with my mom(who’s painting her nails[in a car!]) and stephdad, we’re on our way to some friends who just moved to a new place. At the same time I’m reading my favorite book series, Skulduggery Pleasant, and listening to one of my favorite bands, Yousei Teikoku…impressive?[no]
But that’s just how I feel right now, really)

Yousei Teikoku – Kuusou Mesorogiwi Single

Yes, as I said(or rather screamed) yesterday, A NEW SINGLE FROM THE MOST GORGEOUS BAND EVER HAS BEEN RELEASED 
(it’s actually been out for a while now, but I didn’t found out until three days ago)

1. Kuusou Mesorogiwi
2. The Creator
3. Kuusou Mesorogiwi (Instrumental)
4. The Creator (Instrumental)

~Download Link~

~Download Torrent~

YEEEEEY, finally the full version of The Creator is out! How I’ve been waiting for this. The new song Kuusou Mesorogiwi is amazing too, I fell in love with it at the first listen  And the PV is so awesome too, I think it’s the best(or at least one of the) music video they’ve ever made. I tried translating the title, using both my dictionary and google, but I couldn’t find anything on “mesorogiwi” O_O
It’s just translated as “fantasy mesorogiwi”…weird…
The single is epic anyways, I really think this is on of their best singles, both songs are classic YT, so powerful and beautiful
I also watched the opening for the anime this song is used for, it’s really cool, and it actually made me wanna post it. It also made me wanna watch the anime, Mirai Nikki, it’s brand new, and looks really cool    (the only reason it looks cool is because there lots of blood in it)

I also found a download link for the PV with a great quality, you can download it here
Here’s the opening for the anime Mirai Nikki, which I think can recommended. Without having watched it or even read about the whole plot, really.

Cool, right?
So please enjoy~

Now I’m going to keep drooling over the awesome clothes from Bodyline I’m saving up for, while drinking damn delicious coke, and watching Batman: The Dark Knight on TV  Kyah, the best Joker!!



Yousei Teikoku – Mischievous of Alice Single

YATTA! New single from Yousei Teikoku! *jumps around in my bed* 😀 
I actually haven’t thought “when are they going to release something new?” for a long while now, kinda the same as “forgot” to check if new stuff’ve been released…but just minutes ago, I thought I should check it! And lucky me, I found new stuff ^_^
This single’s actually been out for a while, too, it was released on the 27th of July. And I couldn’t keep myself from publishing it, though I’d planned to post the 11th ep of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi instead, but what the hell X)
Anyway, here it is~:

1. Mischievous of Alice
2. Emergence
3. Mischievous of Alice (instrumental)
4. Emergence (instrumental)

~Download Link~

I just listened to the single, and I’m very happy with it ^_^ Mischievous of Alice is very classic YT, energic, and Yui’s voice is awesome(as always) here! Emergence has got a little new twist-ish. I’d describe the song as a kinda funny “ballad”(it’s not a ballad, but it’s easier to say that than “calm song”) 🙂 Though this is a classic piece of work, I must say that the PV for Mischievous of Alice‘s got a new style:

Finally they’re going pink, oh yeah! And Yui surronded by bunny girls, that’s new! And hot! But then again, consuming the title, there’s no surprise that something like this shows up 😛 though I have to admit that I really laughed at 1:13, ’cause it looks so porno and it’s so not YT XD But I also love it, ’cause Yui looks so superior and like a dominant, and it suits her so well
I still haven’t got to study the lyrics yet, though, and there were many unfamiliar words for me, so I don’t know what the song is about yet. I bet it’s something about a bad or naughty girl or something like that 😛 Point is, I’m sure the video’ll make more sense to me when I’ve checked out the lyrics!

So all in all, I’m very pleased with the outcome of this single ^_^
Now I’m just waiting for something new again, I think it’ll be another single next time, and then maybe a new album with Tasogare no Getsuka, Shouseijo no Uta and hopefully the full version of The Creator!! Something like that. I’m really looking forward to the full version of The Creator, hope it’ll come out soon -_-

Well, enjoy it, folks~!
Now I’m going to sleep, oyasumi~ ^.^

Random things I’ve bought this weekend ^^

Chiiiiiiiiiiiitsu ^.^

The weekend’s over, a new one begins *sigh*
I can’t belive how busy my life have become :O Neither did I got to post this yesterday or post a Kuroshitsuji episode this weekend >.< I will do that tomorrow,though

I’ve had a very nice weekend 😀
I’ve been visiting my dad, I had lots of fun ^^
On Sunday, I went to Sweden(Norway’s neighbour) with my stephmother, my two stephsisters and the boyfriend to the youngest one. So I wanted to post what I bought:

Look at this cute porcelain-cupcake 😀 with a strawberry on the top!

I also bought this cute Japanese doll(can’t remember the name of it right now) ^^

And I bought Eclipse ❤
I just gotta say, I’m a huge fan of the books, though I also like the movies. Except New Moon, that sucked so hard -.-
But Eclipse is my favorite movie of them all, it owns the other two! Just so you know 🙂

And look what I’ve got from Japan:

Gothic Lolita Doctrine from Yousei Teikoku! The real thing! Seriously, this is one of my dearest ownings right now…

Have you guys also noticed that it’s snowing on WordPress’ homepage? 😀
It’s so cute!

That’s all I wanted to say, actually. I hope everyone has had a nice weekend ^^

I’ll post ep 23 from Kuroshitsuji tomorrow, and I’ll probably watch ep 24 later today. I can’t wait!

Yousei Teikoku – Still Alive Lyrics

Song: Still Alive

Band: Yousei Teikoku

Single: Rebellion Anthem


Utsuro na hitobitotachi wa
Kagayaku basho de
Shukufuku no mabayuki
Hikari wa abiteita

Kawaita michi wa tsudzuiteiru
Mori no naka ni aru
Subete wo ukeireru
Kuroki yakata he

(I’m still alive) Yukou
(I’m still alive) Hayaku

Hito wa naze onaji hikari ni sugatte
Ayumu no ka
Tadoritsuku basho ni
Naze utagai no me wo
Mukezu ni

Ikite yuku no ka
Kono mama
Ikiteiru no ka
Wakarazu ni

Toguige ni waraiau
Hitobito no koe wa
Mada tooku tooku
Watashi wa chikadzukenai

(I’m still alive) Yukou
(I’m still alive) Hayaku

Tashika na koto wa
Nanimo mienai keredo
Hontou wa
Raku na hou ni susumu michi wo
Erandekita no deshou

Ikite mireba ii
Sono mama
Ikiteitai to
Omou nara

(I’m still alive) Yukou
(I’m still alive) Tomo ni

Motomeru hikari no saki ni wa
Shukufuku nante naku
Jibun de eranda michi dake ga
Kagayaki obiteiru

Ikite yukou ka
Koko kara
Sono hi made

(I’m still alive)
(I’m still alive)




(I’m still alive) ゆこう
(I’m still alive) はやく




(I’m still alive) ゆこう
(I’m still alive) はやく



(I’m still alive) ゆこう
(I’m still alive) ともに



(I’m still alive)
(I’m still alive)

Enjoy Singing~!

Yousei Teikoku – Rebellion Anthem Lyrics

I was a little bored, and got time, so I thought I would post a lyrics-post ^^
This post is about the song Rebellion Anthem from the japanese band Yousei Teikoku, which is one of my absolute favorite bands! They’re one of three 🙂 Yui Itsuki is my music godesses, she is so awesome! But enough about that, here’s the song:

Song: Rebellion Anthem

Band: Yousei Teikoku

Single: Rebellion Anthem




Tatae yo sougon naru
Junkoku matsuei
Gensou genkaku genkai mugen no kaiki

Hito wa satosu
Kyoshoku no emi gisou no me de
Chouritsu no sekai wa
Shisou wo okisaru darou

Utae, kakumei no uta wo

Hangyaku no junkyoushatachi yo
Kairitsu wo fumiyabure
Kyuusei no chi wa mada tooi
“Naraba susumi tsudzuke yo”

Sekai giman kyoei kyogen kassei
Vanish! giman kyoei kyogen issai

Yomigaere haruka naru
Kenjou no ishi yo
Eigou eien eisei mugon no seigi

Hito wa satosu
Chouwa to chitsujo no omoki wo
Itan wa haisarete
Shisou wa kiesaru darou

Utae, jouran no uta wo

Hangyaku no junkyoushatachi yo
Kairitsu wo fumiyabure
Chinmoku wa bitoku de wa nai
“Naraba subete sarake yo”

Sekai giman kyoei kyogen kassei
Vanish! giman kyoei kyogen issai

Matsuwarishi jugen no uzu subete tokihanashite
Kaere gensho no hikari no naka he
Ima sekai ga hajimaru

Shokunra no utagoe wa kurayami ni hibiku kishimi ni kakikesareta.
Shikashi warera ga taetaa no kurayami wa kane no oto to tomo ni akeru darou.
Saa utae jouran no uta wo!

Saa utae kakumei no uta wo!
Giman, kyoei, itsuwari de kazarareta kono tokoyami wo
Warera ga uta de yakitsukushite miseyou!

Saa, yukou ka.

Utae, kakumei no uta wo

Hangyaku no junkyoushatachi yo
Kairitsu wo fumiyabure
Kyuusei no chi wa mou chikai
“Naraba tomo ni tatakae”

Sekai giman kyoei kyogen kassei
Vanish! giman kyoei kyogen issai
Sekai giman kyoei kyogen kassei
Vanish! giman kyoei kyogen issai


幻想 幻覚 限界 無限の回帰




世界 欺瞞 虚栄 虚言 喝采
Vanish! 欺瞞 虚栄 虚言 一切

永劫 永遠 永世 無言の正義




世界 欺瞞 虚栄 虚言 喝采
Vanish! 欺瞞 虚栄 虚言 一切

纏りし呪言の渦 総て解き放して
還れ 原初の光の中へ
今 世界が始まる





世界 欺瞞 虚栄 虚言 喝采
Vanish! 欺瞞 虚栄 虚言 一切
世界 欺瞞 虚栄 虚言 喝采
Vanish! 欺瞞 虚栄 虚言 一切

Enjoy Singing~!


Mata Kitene ^.^